Cadzand-Bad Maritiem

Repositioning along the Coast

The necessity for coastal defence and improvement of public space results in Cadzand Bad being repositioned along the coast. With the development of Cadzand Bad it will shake the image of a sleepy seaside town. The redevelopment is also required out of economic necessity, aiming for year round operation creating a renewed perspective of this part of the coast.

Maritime balcony, Dune-boulevard and Promenade

With plans of OKRA the seaside towns link to the sea and the dunes atmosphere will be strengthened. A balcony over the sea is created by raising the public space behind the dike and builds a new connection to the marina. In the widened dune, a route along the sea is created with special places. The current Boulevard De Wielingen is transformed into a green boulevard.

Attractive Seaside Town

Along the coast of Zeeland Flanders, Cadzand Bad will become the seaside town with style. The key to success lies in properly connecting the boulevard with its environment. With the further development of the town, the dune atmosphere felt in the resort and experiencing the dune even more quality than is currently the case.

– Motivation: Why do you think your project should be included into the LAE selection of forward-looking European landscape works? What problem did your project tackle, how did you approach it, why do you think this intervention improves the site, and in what way is it moving the profession forward? Please write a paragraph to help the jury understand the societal/political/artistic/ technological/other relevance of your project (maximum 300 words):

In the lowlands, coastal prevention is a continuous issue, at present in the picture due to global warming and sea level rise. The project ensures that this part of the coast can withstand a superstorm after completion of this southernmost coast work. Apart from that, the project is exemplary for a new approach that no longer resolves coastal security in a sectoral way, but creates holistic solutions for coastal defence, infrastructural challenges, urban renewal, touristic upgrade and ecology. In fact, this is a demonstration project of an integral part of an area approach for transformation of the seaside town.

The true invention of the project is repositioning of the sea side town along the coast; Cadzand Bad, the town behind the dunes, will be connected to the seaside via two anchors connecting the boulevard to the sea. The plans are a catalyst for further development of the seaside town. Today the transition is already visible, people walking and biking along the marina. Even during cold winterdays tourists are visiting the area. The seaside town faces its new élan with the official designation of the bath status and a programme focusing on wellness. A significant increase in accommodation tourism creates the required critical mass, which makes it possible to make the transition from seasonal product to year-round, the economically sound base for a seaside town that can renew itself permanently.

The long-term vision provides a framework for lasting quality impulse. Investments in new construction are possible, since the marina has increased the price of real estate, and through a quality fund, funds are being paid for new investments in public space. The next step, already envisioned will result in the dune atmosphere to be extended to the boulevard New projects do include expansion of hotels and apartments, combined with creating transforming their vast parking lots into inner dune landscape on top of underground parking facilities. Today’s impulse turns the tide, the gradual sliding of quality that was going on, the problem of many cores along the coast.

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