Heartbeat @ Bedok

Heartbeat @ Bedok, a 7-storey complex, is part of the government’s ‘Remaking Our Heartland’ initiative to rejuvenate Bedok Town Centre. This building integrates the best practices of passive sustainable design principles while accommodating a Community Club, Sports & Recreation Centre, Public Library, Polyclinic and Senior Care Centre within its premises.

As the existing site was a park with dense landscape and mature trees, the proposed design carries a Forestry theme throughout the development and retains the character of a community park, and likewise a forest. Every floor plate is bordered with greenery, seemingly enveloping the building within a park’s forest. The multiple layering of plants, trees, shrubs and ground cover simulate a terraced landscape on the south façade, acting as privacy and acoustic screens from the neighbouring residential units.

Heartbeat @ Bedok has since injected vibrancy into the area, rejuvenating the town centre with palpable civic pride. The new building has had a direct impact on the quality of everyday life, allowing Bedok residents, and more than 250,000 people from neighbouring East Coast estates, the unprecedented convenience of a comprehensive range of services and amenities at their finger tips.

Aside from providing aesthetics and generating community vibrancy, greenery within the building also has functional purposes. The fierce tropical heat is tempered by the planters, tapered glazing and tensile brise soleils. A lush softscape design resulting to a high green plot ratio, combined with other sustainable efforts, have contributed to the building being certified as BCA Greenmark Platinum in 2016.

Pocket gardens and terraces on the upper floors stimulate community engagement while providing the building with a soft look and feel. These spaces create future settings for vegetable gardening, bird-watching, or informal gatherings. A garden on Storey 3 adjacent to the Polyclinic, with medicinal herbs and scented shrubs, will be a therapeutic respite for its users.

In addition, the project has an automatic water efficient irrigation system equipped with rain sensor, to harvest rainwater for landscape irrigation. Compost recycled from horticulture waste (100% organic) is also used to fertilise the landscape areas. Lastly, landscape drainage cells and grass pavers are SGBC /SGLS certified green label products.


Entrant office name: ONG&ONG
Role of the entrant in the project: Architecture, Landscape, Lighting
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: NA
Project location (Street, City, Country): Bedok North Street 1, Singapore
Design year: 2014
Year Built: 2017
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