Rågsved Motorikbana

A stop on the way // A north-south pedestrian path runs through the whole area of Rågsved. The path is located in a green area, and through tunnels and bridges it is separated from car traffic. Along the path several public institutions like schools and kindergartens are located, and it is also bordered by several playgrounds and small meeting places. In the center of Rågsved, the path cross through the central square and connects to the metro station. As the path is separated from car traffic and the surrounding residential areas, it can be perceived as unsafe, especially during the dark hours of the day. The project is placed along this path, and has succeeded in attracting life and activity to the area. This makes it a safer link between Rågsved’s center and the northern parts of the area.

The plan organizes programs and functions around and internal strata, where different activities, located side by side on site, create opportunities for meetings across generations and different user groups. Common to all the activities is that they encourage play and physical movement. Active functions and features are located in the western part of the area, like the soccer field and the parkour area. In this part you will also find functions connected to the neighbourhood school’s sport education, like the long jump pit and the running tracks. North from the soccer field there is a long wooden bench, facing both the soccer field and the parkour area. In the eastern part of the area, petanque fields, a play structure designed for children with disabilities and a barbecue area are placed side by side. The central strata is made of rubber asphalt. The 60 meter running tracks dissolve and transform into a lively movement that encourages play on the surface. Seating possibilities are placed under the pine trees. The elements on site are an answer to what have been requested in Rågsved, and can be extended and transformed to future needs and opportunities. The client of the project was the Municipality of Stockholm Fastighetskontoret through AIX Arkitekter.



Entrant office name: Kragh & Berglund Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Architect
Project location (Street, City, Country): Rågsved, Stockholm, Sweden
Design year: 2015-2017
Year Built: 2017

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