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XY YunHouse Pavilion & Pool by

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A tectonic experience for the mind, the body and the surroundings, the project is situated on a small plateau at the foothill behind Yangjia Village where the acclaimed Yun House Eco-resort is located. Through minimum ground leveling and maximum preservation of views and vegetation, the design places a pair of swimming pools and a yoga pavilion of equal dimensions parallelly on the site, forming a high point in the hotel’s spatial sequence.


Design of the pools incorporates the topography and an existing soapberry tree on site to form a lower and an upper pool. Adjacent to the path, the deep lower pool directs views towards houses, trees, and rocks, while the shallow upper one under the pavilion directs views towards mountains, clouds, and stars.

The yoga pavilion shows respect to Mother Nature and classics in a minimalist way. The group of round-surface steel wall and an A-shaped steel column supports the 6-meter by 20-meter steel canopy. A 50-metre long anti-ultraviolet translucent curtain replaces the normal glass door and window façade. A poetic narrative from the front village all the way back to mountains is completely captured in the semi-open outdoor space created by the acoustic ceiling panel and polished terrazzo flooring.

1.Design Description:
Location: Yangjia Village, Xingping Town, Guangxi Province
Type: Resort
Site Area: 828 sqm
Scale:192 sqm
Design Stage: 2017
Construction Stage: 2017-2018

Design Principal: Liu Yuyang
Project Leader: Wang Jue
Design Team: Chen Weiyi, Lai Yining, Guan jiayin, Deng Wenjun
Client: XY Hotel Management LLC.
Structure Consultant: Structure AND Architecture OFFICE
Electromechanical Consultant: Liu Tao, Gu Qing, Yan Zhaojun
Landscape Consultant: Yi-Fong Kuo
Pool consultant & construction: Shanghai Lizhi Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Contractor: Shanghai Zhuohao Construction Co., Ltd
Main Material: Concrete, Steel plate, Rustic stone, Polished terrazzo flooring, Porous silicon acoustic ceiling panel, Sunbrella fabric

Cost: 1,600,000 RMB
Photography: Tian Fangfang


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