Shortlisted in Residential Parks in 2020:

Aisne quay / Quai de l’Aisne by

Residential Projects / Residential Projects / France / Built in 2019 /

The installation of the buildings in the Canal operation conceived by the architecture practice Chartier-Dalix provides the opportunity to install a true garden atmosphere and veritable gardened ambiances, for the awakening of the senses and ideal perception of the seasons. The specification of a lavish planting strategy suited to various aspects of exposure will contribute to the close interaction of man and nature.

The external spaces of this residence are designed as a single garden where the apartment building residents benefit from shared use available to the entire residence. This can be subdivided into 3 major typologies of space, namely:

Landscape gates
Community space
Chromatic gardens

The landscape gates form the entrance areas for the new residence. These 2 gardens are contrasted in their planting. The North gate, which receives more sun, is characterised by a dry garden, while the South gate, which has more shade from the apartment building, has a cooler garden installation.

The community space consists of wooden decking which incorporates various collective functionalities and amenities. These are naturally integrated into the decking, leaving space for squares of aromatic plants, an enclosed collective kitchen garden, a playful design for the very young, as well as a space for relaxation, of the solarium type, equipped with appropriate furniture (benches and deckchairs). This space, which has a specific west-facing orientation, has been named the ” jardin du couchant “ / “sunset garden”. The shrubs and grasses, which also confer an intimacy upon the ground floor residences, modulate in colour, as the sun sets.

The paths bordering the decking are in finished in smooth concrete to enable games and a range of activities involving children’s discovery of bicycles and scooters.

The chromatic gardens account for the majority of the external spaces. They are graduated by the urban installation comb structure and follow a graduation ranging from orange-red, to yellow-green, and culminating in blue-violet. These lush and verdant gardens will be composed of a combination of grasses and perennials, occupying the entirety of the surface area. They are designed so that they will change with the four seasons. This dominant low-level stratum will be punctuated by large shrubs.

Project category: Residential housing park
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape designer
Project location: 29, quai de l’Aisne – 93500 PANTIN – FRANCE
Design year: 2015-2016
Year Built: 2017-2019


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