The Alpek Office terrace is a concept terrace garden that includes various facilities and serves many offices. Designed with the understanding of a sustainable terrace, this space offers a freedom to touch nature for contemporary Office workers.

In today’s business life, employees need to breathe and touch nature, so they cannot transfer their energies to their work and their own lives. With the green space designed, it was ensured that the employees reach and touch the nature. Project area of the building was a green zone for urban life before and we decided to create a green area on the higher level of the Project so located on the basement rooftop of the building.

There is not only a green patch for urban life and also there is sustainable effect of this Project. With the isolation effect of the green roof, both the greenhouse effect was prevented and the spaces under the roof were saved energy.

With the grass area designed on the raised floor, zen gardens, artificial rocks, cabanas, lighting, it was aimed to go beyond the well-known office concept. All the materials we use in the project, which includes our terrace office, are local materials and adapted to the climate of the site. In this area, where the use of wooden materials is important, 165 m² of grass is designed for common use. The terrace, where each office’s unique views are designed, plants and trees suitable for the roof garden are selected, and irrigation and isolation are solved in the most efficient way, was put into service.

In the terrace where the green roof is used, the design elements used on the roof have been raised with reinforced PVC in order not to interfere with the floor. By this way, rainwater can easyly be drained. With the help of rainwater, the plants on the roof are irrigated, on the other hand, the excess water is drained out.

Another important effect of the green roof is that it cleans the polluted and high carbon dioxide air in the city together with the plants used and offers filtered air to the working units.

Thanks to evergreen plants, which are mainly used, a sound barrier was created against noise pollution from the main road. It was aimed to feel the seasonal transitions by using deciduous plants.

The need for a place where people working in the plaza can sit, have a rest, chat and host their guests are met by special-made cabanas in a circle form. Our Palmex product was used on the roof of the coat to protect it from rain in winter and from sun in summer.

Zen garden: Zen is an enlightening philosophy of life and meditation form of Japanese origin. Zen Gardens, born out of this philosophy, are gardens that are also called dry landscape gardens that started in Japan and spread around the world.

Among the buildings that have reached gigantic proportions today, individuals are dragged away from NATURE  in a busy life tempo. This project;   Among the dense buildings, close to the buildings, gardens designed on artificial ground in small areas, creating landscapes aim to meditate, create awareness, and re-discover themselves. While the area helps to create a state of calmness, it develops a sense of respect for other people, self and the environment. Rocks, pebbles, sand, ponds, streams, waterfalls, islets, hills, bridges, water bowls, lanterns, paths, structures and plant elements are used in the designs with unsymmetrical natural forms. Pathways reproduce throughout life; rocks, mountains; lakes and seas; As sand symbolizes oceans, all elements symbolize a part of nature .

In our design, spaces were designed in an area of 105 m² where plaza employees can devote time to themselves.

Architecture offices involved in the design: ALPEK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (only for Designed Building )

Project location : Yenigün Mh. Kızılırmak Cd. 22/1 Ali Peçen Plaza A1 Blok K:1 D:1 07310 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA

Design year:2018

Year Built: 2019


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