ALTEREGO is part of VITAURBANA collection: Life is made of encounters, exchanges, open-air activities, urban landscape. A urban space becomes alive with people. Metalco by VITAURBANA(urban life) creates new ways to live the city, conceiving a collection which embodies the historic concept of “square”. . Metalco’s goal is to provide an alphabet by which everyone may create its own urban vocabulary and may invent new places, new spaces to live the city, big planters carrying public seats which join the space, because “every place is home ….”

ALTEREGO comprises a basic 2300 x 600 module made of High Performance Concrete (HPC) or Corten or powder coated steel. The set also comprises flower boxes, totem poles and sun screens made of Corten or powder coated steel, and exotic or larch wood modular seats. All these elements can be perfectly combined to create a urban environment. Arranged for LED lighting


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