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2024 Private Gardens / Netherlands / Built in 2020 /

The Vondelpark Garden in Amsterdam is a serene green haven amidst the bustling cityscape. This garden seamlessly blends the cultural-historical valued recidence, designed by Pierre Kuyper and the bordering Vondelpark, forming a harmonious link between them.

Efforts have been made to extend the park’s lush greenery into the garden and to integrate the pathways, terraces, swimming pool and controls in a subtle yet effective manner.

The materials used, such as light yellow antique Ijssel bricks, are chosen to complement the historical setting and weather beautifully over time. The stone’s size and colour, slightly lighter than the facade’s brick, create an optical illusion that makes the garden appear larger.

The garden’s design, with its emphasized horizontal lines and subtle detailing, adds to the illusion of a larger space. The green walls blend in with the surrounding nature, making the hard lines less noticeable. The garden is embraced by lush greenery, and the connection to the park is reinforced, promoting the local ecosystem.

For the swimming pool, a natural chlorine-free pond, filtered by a plant system, was chosen. The green tile used inside the pool contributes to the garden’s serene and natural character.

The garden provides a peaceful escape from the city, appearing as a green oasis from the house, surrounded by tranquillity and nature.

All in all, by using materials that connect to the historical character of the site and using them in the contemporary composition, the result is a garden that honours the history and connects to current-day use and values.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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