Anaha —which translates into Reflection of Light in Hawaiian—was designed to capture and reflect the light of the Pacific Ocean as well as the dramatic and ever-changing sky in Honolulu. Set within the Ward Village, this multi-family residential project celebrates the beauty of the shoreline, informed by native Hawaiian plants and traditions—ultimately paying homage to the natural beauty and history of Honolulu.

Anaha is oriented with its long axis perpendicular to the shoreline to preserve sight lines from Mauka (toward the mountains) to Makai (seaward). At the ground floor, subtle finish differences from bush-hammered and honed Cremino stone paving reveal a wave pattern that mimics coral, which draws you into the entrance court. This paving is mirrored and repeated across the multiple levels of open space, connecting the site vertically and materially.
Inspired by the tides and wave patterns of the beaches of Honolulu, the pool deck features undulating terraces that mimic coral growth patterns. At the end of the deck a transparent-bottom lap pool extends out towards the Ocean, revealing the bustling city life that passes below—a conversation piece that pulls people to the site and acts as a landmark for the neighborhood.

More than anything, Anaha is meant to celebrate the plants and culture of Hawaii. On the groundbreaking, as the site was blessed and named: “My ancestors lived on this land,” proudly said Moani Kaleikini. “We see this building as connecting the past with the future. With this in mind, we have chose the name ‘Anaha,’ which means reflection. Reflection of the light; reflection of the past; reflections on how the past can be better taken care of in the future.”

Name of the project: Anaha
Project category: Residential Housing
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Architect
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Solomon Cordwell Buenz, Pacific AquaScapes, Brownlie and Lee, Albert C Kobayashi Inc, Takano Landscaping
Photo Credit: Marion Brenner
Project location: 1108 Auahi St. Honolulu, HI
Design year: 2016
Year Built: 2017


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