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AREA creates the bench 4.0 100% low-tech

True to its approach centered on the user and the social bond in the heart of the cities, the French manufacturer of street furniture Area launches ATLANTIQUE. This range of three modules (sofa, chaise longue and backless bench) combinable at will, allows landscape architects and urban planners to compose sets whose unusual, evolutionary and convivial nature generates encounters, exchanges, sharing … Another way to connect people and promote the emergence of communities of real, spontaneous and natural use.

With the ATLANTIQUE range, Area continues to explore the concept of outdoor lounge. The goal is to find in the open air and on the public space the comfort, the serenity and the conviviality that one feels at home, inside. To this philosophy, and part of the DNA of the company, ATLANTIQUE adds scalability and freedom with possibilities of use “on demand” as we can sit there, work, eat, sleep, play, speak… The three modules come in two sizes, which allows tailor-made compositions, adapted to the most diverse spaces and specifications.

“With the shape of a motionless wave in blond wood and metal, ATLANTIQUE spreads positive and natural vibes. There are no more men or women, seniors or juniors … just passengers of this hybrid object, between the flying carpet and the urban cruise ship. It is the most low-tech and natural social network that is – and also immune to the planned obsolescence! Wherever it has been installed, life takes it instantly to make it a true point of social convergence. It is, in this, a small piece of solution to a major stake of our society: the well-living together “explain Laure and Gilles Boudou, the leaders of Area.

Manufacturer name: AREA
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2017


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