BALDÍO (Wasteland) by

2022 Private Garden / Argentina / Built in 2022 /

Baldio #1 is part of a process within another process.
Baldío re-emerges in a pandemic context, as an occupation process of “meanwhile”. This urban process is understood as a void of space and time that exists while the approval of a construction arrives.
This construction is part of a shared housing community project with a strong environmental and social imprint.

Baldío is a botanical occupation about the spontaneous flora that grows on a site that was destroyed. We inquire about this new hybrid, global, native and exotic flora. We monitor and observe it: we keep a seedbed while we catalog it in a herbarium. Those seeds will later return to the building project.

This autonomous and spontaneous botany that grows in the face of human abandonment functions as an ecological micro-patch that begins to interact with urban vegetation.

Baldío is a philosophy regarding the relationship we have with the latent ecosystem and the new emerging ecologies in cities. It manifests itself today in the pandemic occupation of an 8.66 m lot but it is, ultimately, a new way of looking at urbanism that can begin to think from an ecosystem perspective.

Baldio#1 in Lugones inaugurates a series of conservatories around the theme of the occupation, the meantime and the third and fourth landscapes. Together with Irarquitectura, BULLA and ESCAPE, we intend to investigate these new phenomena: this network of vacant lots that emerge in the city as possible temporary public spaces.
Today, the vacant lot is a system of stakes that manipulate the anthropologization of the site, a piece of furniture to observe and a garden monitor to take care of. The regular photographic and visual record accounts for this entire process.

Architecture offices involved in the design (if any):
1. IR (future building Project)
2. Taller Numeros Primos (equipment)
3. Fernando Schapochnik (photography)
4. Natalia Ardissone (visual and audio record)
5. Giuliana Battelini (stake design)

Project location: Lugones 1780, CABA, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Design year: 2020

Year Built: 2020-2022


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