The concept we have created and developed the project on was “A world I didn’t know that existed”. A magic and unknown world. Playground areas in Brazil are still in the 60’s and unfortunately people do not really care so much about or give them the importance they should. We were, and still are, struggling, as an innovative company, trying to change people’s mentality in a country where education and children’s safety are not taken seriously. When the opportunity of developing something that Brazil had never seen before came, we saw the chance to show people what a real playground could & should be: a unique space with quality, design, safety and social inclusion. So we decided on creating a fully themed and engaging park that could unite both adults and children into a full experience, through unique elements and equipment. Thus, the special moments spent in this space would become unforgettable, awakening in each visitor the wish to come back and repeat the experience of adventure and happiness, uniting generations and children of every kind and ability.


Our office was responsible for the creation of the concept, development and execution of this park (except civil work). As a Design & Build company, we have developed and executed the entire project. It was a rather complex project, as it involved besides the architectonic project, the concept drawing of unique pieces, a special lightening project, a scenography and landscape project, an artistic painting project and a shading project, amongst others.
Besides the projects, we also supervised the construction company which made de civil work, and our own teams installed the playground equipment and the poured in rubber surface with all the exclusive and detailed design.

We developed the project dividing it into 4 areas, according to the experience and age range: the Sensorial Garden, the Magic Valley, the Event Area and an Adventure Area – Bravaria. We have also created a shaded space with an accessible wc and a place for parents to feed their toddlers and rest (including a custom breast-feeding chair).
The areas are divided as follows:
Sensorial Garden – A sensitive place to explore the 5 senses. Musical instruments, water fountains, light water bubbles and some other mysteries can be found in this garden. This is a sensitive area, where the idea was to get kids to explore senses and their artistic and sensitive souls with music instruments, flowers, birds, butterflies and a special lightning project.
Altogether, it makes up a special and dreaming beautiful sensitive garden. This area is especially attractive, as its one where children of all kinds of special needs can play and feel the magic. We thought of all kinds of special needs when designing the space, from
physical to emotional, like autism or even sensory, like blind children, for instance.
Magic Valley – A world that previously was part of the imagination becomes reality.
Distorted Houses and small creatures are part of this place and invites the little ones to play and to a discovery full of imagination! This is an area where children feel that they are really inside a fairy tale book. Area destined for toddlers.
Event Area – a small theatre for presentations.
Bravaria – Land of the bold and brave!
A place to run, slide, swing, swirl, jump, climb… This land was created for those who are brave enough to explore it. We created obstacles and high climbing areas, several difficulties, so that kids would have to overcome their fears and strength, when playing. Its also an area where moms and dads like to feel the thrill also, so it unites families in the adventure.

The story behind the concept & design
When we were kids, we were able to imagine anything and everything seemed possible.
We dreamed of things that might seem impossible and unattainable, but that never stopped them to be part of our dreams and fantasies.
Once we start growing, we stop dreaming and begin thinking how our dreams were unreal, unachievable and unreachable. We lose our ability to imagine and dream and gradually lose all our illusions and fantasies and get stuck in reality.
This space was created so we can stop in time and remember how we lost our ability to dream and imagine, and as we need that time to relive this fantastic world of children’s imagination. And children need to be children. Specially children in Brazil, where so many do not have the time to be children, to run, play and let imagination run freely in a world of imaginary creatures, where everything is possible. This place is part of their dreams!

The Park has nearly 2500 visitors a day and in the first 21 days it had more than 52.000 visitors, so it is an absolute success!
We believe that after this project people will change people awareness and mentality regarding playground areas, their importance for society, and will start demanding better and safer ones.

Avenue Diário de Notícias, 300 – Cristal, Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil
Zip: 90810-080

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