Båthusparken (Boathouse park) by

2022 Public Landscape / Sweden / Built in 2021 /

Båthusparken in Norra Djurgårdsstaden is a park with many functions gathered in a small area. Our design was based on the surrounding landscapes. Norra Djurgården, which is a green state park in Stockholm as well as the historic Gasworks area with industrial brick buildings. An old boathouse and barn on the other side of the water Husarviken has given the park its name.

Creating a clear framework and a lush framework has been important – to provide an experience of seclusion from residential buildings and traffic. The stormwater of the streets is led down into submerged plantations, so-called delay beds, along the long sides of the park.

The plantbeds give the park a framing of trees, shrubs and perennials of multiple spieces. Excess stormwater is led to the infiltration areas further down by the walk, to finally reach the recipient Husarviken.

The frame is accentuated with wooden posts that line the long sides of the park. Along the east side sun sofas are tucked into the flowerbeds. Posts and furniture are colored in a earthy yellow color inspired by the old “Boberg fence” – a decoraded wooden fence that previously framed the old Gasworks.

The park’s new greenery strengthens the area’s ecological connection, with oak as a key species. We have worked with species with different blooming times, different types of seed and fruit, leaf shapes and autumn colors – values ​​that stimulate adults as well as children and provide food and habitat for insects and birds. Oaks have been planted both as street trees and park trees, and more native species such as willow and birch are planted along Husarviken’s shore. Birdhouses and dead wood inside the planting areas, help to strengthen the ecological connection to the large nature reserve and state park north of Båthusparken.

A playground in two levels is centrally located in the park and provides space for play and movement. The theme of the play area is taken from the existing surroundings, where the old boathouse in the reeds on the other side of the bay, has inspired the place. Three red boathouses bridge between land and water. On the upper level, “land”, there are swings, sand play, wooden logs and small wooden animals that form their own little world. In the “water”, fish swim in reeds made from logs, surrounded by climbable fishing nets. A ball field provides space for running and games and together with the play area is a meeting place for children from the whole neighborhood.

In contrast to the programed play area there is the open grass surface. Three wooden decks step down from the grass, connecting the park with the adjoining park Strandparken and extend into Husarviken as bridges. Two wider bridges provide space for community – a narrow one for privacy, close to water.

The park turns south to a tiled square and pedestrian area, which connects to the Gasworks area. The gasworks’ carefully designed brick buildings and gas containers have inspired us and from them we have taken patterns that have given the square its coating in different warm shades of brick.

Project location: Båthusparken

Labradorgatan 8

115 48 Stockholm


Design year: 2012-2018

Year Built: 2021


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