B|D landscape architects are an award-winning practice, committed to the integration of sustainable design in this Climate Emergency, to create amazing & resilient places for people.

We believe in creating extraordinary effects with ordinary things to deliver meaningful and much-loved public spaces.

We are a dynamic, energetic & dedicated firm of landscape architects committed to the integration of sustainable design to deliver amazing places.

We have worked on some of the highest profile squares, streetscapes & campus renaissance projects in the country – winning 7 national Landscape Institute awards in the last 5 years.

Our approach combines contemporary sustainable design with creative ecology looking to glean the unique genius loci from each place – our designs draw inspiration from the history, ecology, environment, use & character of the site.

We relish collaborating in multidisciplinary teams pushing the boundaries of contemporary design using technological innovation and sustainable materials.

We welcome input from local communities / stakeholders and believe this is the best and most satisfying means to deliver a successful and original scheme in which everyone can take pride and have a sense of ownership.

B|D was established in 2008 and is a Registered Practice with the Landscape Institute with design studios in both Gloucestershire and London.

Emmanuel Primary School

B|D in collaboration with Hawkins\Brown, Max Fordham and Elliot Wood are working on the redevelopment of the existing Emmanuel Primary School building to provide an Early Years Foundation Unit and the construction of a new build 1FE Primary School funded by the Primary Capital Programme.

Our proposal includes for a learning and educational landscape that incorporates flexible external spaces, makes use of the level change through the site for games & learning, and has subtle and hidden education throughout. Extensive consultation with the students and staff gave the project team a clear direction to develop the external spaces.

The landscape masterplan looks to enhance the ecological value of the site, with new habitats & increased biodiversity tailored to the local biodiversity action plan. We are incorporating outdoor classrooms, productive ‘edible’ gardens and green walls and a colourful rainbow terraced amphitheatre with stage as the focus to the external space.

Client: London Diocesan Board for Schools,
London Borough of Camden & Emmanuel Primary
Architect: Hawkins\Brown
Landscape Budget: circa £0.75 million
Status: Completed in 2014

HAB’s Lovedon Lane

Our proposal creates a landscape plan for this semi-rural site to include allotments, a biodiverse country park area, a circular cycle path for children, wildflower meadows and a village green to enhance the development of 50 new homes on the site.

“The challenge for BD was to design a landscape that mediates between two different conditions; to reconcile the untamed informality of the open countryside with the intimate domestic spaces which anchor private houses within the public realm.

The result is both dense and free; richly detailed and fine-tuned but also effortless and relaxed; a project that defines the town as being ‘of’ its glorious rural setting, rather than detached from its surroundings by faceless suburban sprawl.”

— Isabel Allen, Design Director, HAB Housing

Client: HAB
Architects: John Pardey Architects
Landscape Budget: Confidential
Status: On Site

Kings Cross Pond Club

We are delighted to have been the landscape architects working on this ground breaking piece of land art with OOZE architects which is the UK’s first natural swimming pool. We were involved pre and post planning to detail the pool for Carillion Construction Services leading the design team for the external works. The pool, which has a surface area of 411m² was built by natural pool specialist Biotop and its UK partner Kingcombe Aquacare is set within Lewitt Cubitt Park by Townshend Landscape Architects.

The pond club is divided into a swimming zone and a regeneration area – part of which is shallow water planted with a range of plants including Phragmites (common reeds).  The deep water of the regeneration zone contains a range of other species, including water lilies alongside Elodea Canadensis, Lagorosiphon major (curly waterweed) and Myriophyllum spicatum (water milfoil).

Growth of the plants should accelerate once swimming begins, because they will use the nutrients from visitors’ bodies.  But these have to be kept to a manageable level, which is why there will be a limit imposed of just 163 swimmers per day. The pool is on a landscaped eminence, so that it is not visible from below but offers views of the surroundings and has been described by The Telegraph as ‘London’s coolest new attraction’.

Client: Argent Estates Ltd
Architects: OOZE
Landscape Budget: Confidential
Status: Completed in 2015

LSBU Public Realm

London South Bank University: Student Centre project represents the first ‘anchor’ within London South Bank University’s Estate Strategy to revitalise the campus with enhanced public realm improving connections and legibility between campus and urban fabric of the area.

The proposed development consists of infilling the undercroft area below the Tower Building to provide new student and support facilities and important public realm entrances from Borough Road & Kell Street. The landscape design strategy aims to create a more attractive public realm with an ‘outward-looking’ campus with a very special sense of place with life and activity to the enhanced Kell Street and Public Square on Borough Road.

Drawing inspiration from history, most notably David Bomberg – one of the Whitechapel Boys – who taught in the 1960’s in the surrounding buildings, the aim for the rejuvenated public realm gateway is to be a dynamic ‘carpet’ of quality natural stone that draws out the strong geometry of the undercroft structure into the landscape. This rigidity of structure is fractured and exploded with highlights of lighting, large highlights of contrasting paving and benches that draw pedestrians in from Borough Road but also allow for colonisation and use throughout the day.

Client: London South Bank University
Architects: Hawkins\Brown
Landscape Budget: £0.7 million
Status: Completed 2012

Pentonville Road

The site comprises a tired and dated public realm fronting Pentonville Road in Kings Cross with three mature Beech Trees and a series of concrete bollards set around apoor quality patchwork paved forecourt.

To the rear of the building through an undercroft zone, a gated parking area accommodates bin stores, cycle parking spaces 19 parking spaces including 2 disabled spaces.

Our role as landscape architects from Concept Design in 2013 through to Completion in 2016 has been to transform the quality of the public realm and private terraces and introduce a stunning new roof terrace to the 6th floor with views over St Pauls, the City of London and Canary Wharf.

The scheme is nearing completion and has specified a high quality palette of hardwood planters, integrated strip LED lighting and corten terraces, tree grilles and natural clay paving.

Semi mature tree planting and instant hedging helps to create a strong landscape setting for the new occupants – Houzz.

Client: Monteagle Barlow Trust
Architects: Colwyn Foulkes
Landscape Budget: £0.5m
Status: Completion in 2016


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