Betula Landscape and Construction Co. Ltd. are a full service Landscape Design and Application Company located in İstanbul. We have been serving residential, commercial and institutional clients for over 14 years.
The company’s success is due largely to the fact that we are able to serve our clients from the very beginning of a project through all phases of design, planning, construction and maintenance to insure the design vision is achieved and sustained. The philosophy we follow on every project is virtually identical. Design and construct ecologically sensitive and functional outdoor living spaces. What we mean by this is quite simple; the relationship between people and the environment should be simply what we are stating “a relationship”. It is our goal to provide a unified and balanced relationship between people and the environment while achieving the needs and desires of each entity.

THE ISTANBUL veliefenedi

The İSTANBUL Veliefendi Residences is neighboring Istanbul’s historical peninsula, Located in 1 km from the coast of the Zeytinburnu, luxury segmented residence blocks and shopping mall project It is neighbouring to the city’sonly Hippodrome ,Veliefendi and the project’s other property is ıts beside the two important ring roads just a few minutes from the Projects land, that provides easily aceess to the city.
When “The İstanbul “ Landscape Project requested from Betula ,The Team have analyzed the project, by various aproaches that it could be feasible, innovativeand sustainable.
-Simple architectural analysis;
The modern architecture design is composed from 15 luxury residential high-rise building, with the horizontal shopping block and social centers form.
-Landscaping projects ; 80% of the landscape Project area is between the property boundary and a courtyard narrow corridor formed by the plan of the buildings .The most important database for the area is its over the basement carpark that causes disadvantage of working in a limited 30-50 cm section .
Customer demands , a large scale of pond ,vehicle, pedestrian and cycling roads and their circulation ,playgrounds,sport fields,recreation areas are the general requirements.
According to the whole database and demands conceptual designs prepared, basing the modern architectural form of the buildings and the layout plans.After the conceptual designs presentation , except a few revisions customers accepted the whole design thus, application projects prepared and designs fully enforced by Betula’s supervision.
We think there are a few important features that separates from this Project from the others inaccordance with customer demand water element that holds he project ‘s big part seems to be unıque but its compossed 8 parts of water bridges and crosssesthat divides the whole pond to parts to enable easily constructed and maintenanced, ease of implementation and operation of the planned bridges and 8 piece meant to be recreational walkway created the perception of the whole detail. 2 parts as applied in biological pond water from the plants of each so that it is provided the possibility to be cultivated.
The remaining 6 pieces is a different technique, kids-safe two-stage reflection pools as planned and implemented. Ponds in the immediate vicinity of the planned for the planned emergency vehicle route, pedestrian flow has a difference in the same natural stone but , this function hosted in different sizes and different treatments . Due to the lack of soil cross-sectional artificial hills, giant pots using soil depth was brought to the desired level and thus provided the soil suitable for big trees. Also “The Istanbul “ Project won the Plant national magazine’s design awards in 2015.

ADRESS : Polonezyolu , Beykoz Konakları Karşısı, Ayhan Çıkmazı, No:4 , Beykoz/ İSTANBUL
WORK TEAM : Betül Aküzüm, Laszlo Zoltan Szabo, Elif Kıycı, Sevinç Ulu…..
LOCATION : 1 km from Bakırköy Coastway , Zeytinburnu/ İSTANBUL
AREA : 32000 m2


Ariva Project have a start with a real estate investment trust ‘s having nearly 80.000 m2 Project investment on the Riva region. A silent escape from the city is the initial focus & design criteria and also Arriva will serve them as an impressive Showroom and sales Office ,accomplishing the facilities to welcome presentation and garden parties. Project area is along with the Riva river nearly bordering an area of 3.000 m2 .The location is the near Blacksea and along with the Riva river; untouched natural site. At the beginning of the Project investors wanted their customers transfer via mainroad , sea and alsousing the river transportation. Thus,Floating Pier,Pier, Boatlift builded carefully according to the changing river level .Green Parking area’s designed in the lawn area by using special plastic products that could protect the lawn and soil used
A living and rest area designed to the guests suitable for all seasons . and a resting accomodation space container home prepared for 2-3 people we have designed the level difference at the site as large steps that cold easily be used for big parties ,introduction and meeting areas.

When the Ariva Project had finished canoes , jumping fishes at the green Riva river was the proof of our success and an other dream and imagination realized. what will be the next….

ADRESS : Polonezyolu , Beykoz Konakları Karşısı, Ayhan Çıkmazı, No:4 , Beykoz/ İSTANBUL
WORK TEAM : Betül Aküzüm, Dilek Ersoy, Elif Kıycı, Sevinç Ulu…..
AREA : 7300 m2


ADRESS : Polonezyolu , Beykoz Konakları Karşısı, Ayhan Çıkmazı, No:4 , Beykoz/ İSTANBUL
WORK TEAM : Betül Aküzüm, Elif Kıycı, A. Emre Depboylu, Sevinç Ulu…..
AREA : 2445 m2

The Location of the hotel is near by the Marmara sea and the concepts were inspired from the dynamic sea and the Bosphorus that differs İstanbul from other countries .
Waves in front of the hotel is the initial inspiration that put forward the İdea “wave “
The green areas , lawns had shapes like a dynamic wave effect. We have also used wave effects at glass Stones in colours of blue walls surrounding our borders from the entrance to the coast.Lining swimming pool to the sea side decorated with exotic plants elegant accesorries ,cottages to emphasize the mediteranean style . We had tried to give the impressionsof a natural mediteranean garden style to the Different levels & terraces,


An elegant small terracce restaurant that is one of the the most exciting projects of the last years . LPM is an exclusive restaurant chain that serves only in Newyork Paris , London,Dubai and lastly in Istanbul. When LPM decided to settle in Turkey they also preffered to work with Betula . The requirement is settling a terrace garden that has a mediterian style and also that must seem aged, established there more and more years , feeling a warm stylish high exclusive place . After concepts , approval the materials , wooden metal and decoration accesorriesdecided and at the city centre , best location of fashion and luxury brand shopping centre ; a new high quality stylish restaurant started the service .

ADRESS : Polonezyolu , Beykoz Konakları Karşısı, Ayhan Çıkmazı, No:4 , Beykoz/ İSTANBUL
WORK TEAM : Betül Aküzüm, , Elif Kıycı, Dilek Ersoy , Korhan GÖYTAN
AREA : 450 m2


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