The Biolake project unfolds within the expansive canvas of Igualada’s Central Park. It stands as a strategic enclave, solidifying Igualada’s Green Ring and its verdant infrastructure, composed of meticulously crafted open spaces designed with sustainability at their core, both within the city and its outskirts. Nestled within this green sanctuary, amidst the bustling urban fabric, lies a meticulously planned 2,000 m² riverine landscape—a sanctuary that morphs into a climatic haven, a communal nexus, and an educational epicenter on the nuances of nature, while simultaneously acting as a catalyst for biodiversity.

The Biolake endeavors to forge a space of unparalleled quality—a haven that’s not only wholesome but also sustainable—reintroducing nature’s embrace into the heart of the city. It’s a naturalized lake, an oasis of biodiversity nestled within urban sprawl, meticulously crafted to yield maximum environmental dividends. Through the deft incorporation of natural elements, a space is fashioned for citizenry to revel in, one that not only enhances environmental conditions—be it temperature regulation or fostering biodiversity and pollination—but also fosters a deeper connection with the natural world.

At the project’s core lies a closed-loop system of bio-purification, wherein recirculated groundwater meanders through various aquatic landscapes. Water’s journey is deliberate, coursing through diverse substrates and ecosystems, mirroring the sinuous flow of a natural river. Fauna and flora emerge as indispensable custodians, essential for maintaining the Biolake’s ecological equilibrium and safeguarding water quality.

Five distinct landscapes, each interwoven with the water cycle, emerge through nature-inspired solutions (NBS), employing locally-sourced natural materials and the strategic planting of native species, each meticulously attuned to its unique habitat. These landscapes aren’t just mere constructs; they’re vibrant ecosystems, designed to mature and flourish with minimal resource input, maximizing ecological benefits in record time, thereby beckoning wildlife. This is achieved through a blend of bio-diversification elements—be it bird-perching trunks, insect sanctuaries, verdant islands, or Krainer wall-type log frameworks—each serving as a beacon, enticing diverse species and transforming these landscapes into thriving habitats.

From the submerged forests, offering shelter to avian dwellers, to the butterfly gardens, where chestnut logs serve as the canvas for a floral symphony, every landscape teems with life, fostering amphibians, insects, and avifauna alike. The water’s edge transforms into a tranquil pool, offering respite to both avian and mammalian visitors, while the water garden, with its rhythmic flow, becomes a sanctuary for aquatic life and a breeding ground for insects and amphibians. Meanwhile, the riparian forest emerges as a sanctuary, offering refuge to small mammals amidst its shaded undergrowth.

Through a tapestry of interaction spaces, gathering spots, and observation nooks, the citizenry finds itself immersed in a cornucopia of unique habitats. From stepping stones crisscrossing the submerged forests to wooden amphitheaters providing a vantage point over the lake, each element serves as a conduit, facilitating not just observation but also contemplation and education, weaving a narrative of natural cycles.

Other landscape architecture offices involved in the design of landscape: Batlleiroig
Architecture offices involved in the design: Batlleiroig

Location: Carretera Nacional II, 08700 Igualada, Barcelona

Design year: 2021

Year Completed: 2023


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