The garden is situated in a lush suburban neighbourhood; at the point where it opens towards agrarian fields. The assignment to extend and alter the existing garden posed interesting challenges: make the best use of the mature trees (mostly oaks), convert a (visually and ecologically) uninteresting field, and bind together a new building (serves as garage and guest house), the existing villa, and the additions to the garden. This resulted in a new garden overall.


Our interpretation of the site conditions and our response to client’s wishes called for a new concept. A concept that demonstrates sensitivity to the client’s needs and preferences and to the potentials of the site.

We had to translate diverse clients’ preferences: ranging from meticulously maintained evergreen garden atmosphere to a wild and seasonal landscape. By creating a gradual development from the strictly composed garden around house, through the sweeping fairway to the wild meadow, we managed to meet this contradictory ideas of the client.

The different parts of the garden are designed to create a continuous space and are bound by an artificial stream. At the centre the stream widens and becomes a natural swimming pool. Here compartments with marsh plants are part of the circulation system, thus cleansing the water. Over the entire length (almost 200 meter) of the stream, water is presented in various capacities and atmospheres.

The site was flat, and the field at the end of the garden makes an angled corner (it goes around the neighbouring house and garden). The composition combines a slight undulation and a mixed planting to give this sharp curve a natural, self-explaining character. The space is never fully open towards the end; there is always a kind of intricacy: how does it continue. Also at the end another mount obscures the boundary of the field, giving the impression that the garden continues. Elegant lines and create a sweeping space.

The strong wish of the client for privacy is achieved by seclusion without distracting views on neighbouring houses. The way in which trees and shrubs enclose the various spaces is according to the required character and atmosphere. It strengthens the gradual transition from the formal cultivated area defined by the house and the annex building leading to open space with a more wild and naturalistic aspect.

The large field is now carefully developing it to a species rich meadow. The seeding with a mixture of indigenous flowers and grasses was based on the ecology of the environment and the specifics of soil and groundwater.

A rich palette of trees, multi-stems and shrubs creates an all year interest with a range of seasonal aspects. And also important, the diversity of the flora, and making sure that there is ample cover, food and nesting opportunities, attracts a variety of wildlife: birds, butterflies, newts, frogs, dragonflies, etc.; much to the delight of the client.

Design year: 2017-2020

Year Completed: 2019-2022


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