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2024 Public Projects / China / Built in 2023 /

Blue Green Transparent Mountain is situated in the central green belt on both sides of Feicui Bridge on Wudu Road in Wuxi City. It forms a lakeside landscape gallery with local characteristics such as “a river between two roads” and “scenery along the road, with pedestrian views.” In terms of planning and layout, it echoes the twin towers. The central belt of Feicui Bridge serves as a barrier-separated river, with fountains designed on both sides of the river to connect the two groups of mountain landscapes. The landscape anchors Feicui Bridge on Wudu Road and the underpass of the river, securing a core area within a radius of 1000 meters. This landscape includes the fountain at the center of Feicui Bridge, transparent rocks at both ends of the bridge, transparent clouds, vegetation and gravel layout in the central belt, bridge pier decorations, misting system, mountain and fountain lighting system and remote control system.

The design draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese landscape painting known as “Qing Lv”, Its artistic feature lies in the depiction of mountains and rivers using a combination of green and blue hues, employing rich sculpting techniques to create a splendid and profound artistic conception. The designers adopt it as the theme of the project, showcasing it through modern material craftsmanship and engineering technology, harmonizing with the city’s distinctive attributes.

The core of the landscape are ten mountains distributed at both ends of Feicui Bridge. Their shapes, cloud-like forms attached to them and the combination of rocks fully draw on the aesthetic principles of ancient Chinese landscape painting. To express the splendid colors of the special landscape painting, which requires the mountains to be translucent, showcasing dynamic color changes under different lighting conditions, and emitting light at night to achieve a dazzling and transparent visual effect.
The largest single mountain among the ten exceeds 10 meters in width and 5.4 meters in height. Material-wise, we demand transparency, resistance to temperature changes, fading, corrosion and bursting, as well as high strength, mold resistance, environmental friendliness and strong malleability. Production-wise, we require large-scale overall molding, precise control of material transparency and color accuracy, and the concealment of supporting steel frames. Installation-wise, we tackle issues such as connection to foundations, internal lighting arrangements, and transportation standards. After feasibility analyses of materials such as glass, colored glaze, translucent stone and transparent resin, we chose cycloaliphatic epoxy group as the main material, combined with transparent fiberglass and several functional chemical materials and metal complex dyes. Through repeated ratio experiments and process explorations, we ensured the final product met the design requirements.

Following the project’s completion, the mountains shine like jade under the sunlight. And this landscape has become a symbolic boulevard of Wuxi’s new district, seamlessly integrated with the urban fabric.

Location: Wudu Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

Design year: 2023

Year Completed: 2023


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