BLVD was initially established in Canada, then moved to Beijing and Shenzhen, the two artsy cities famous as City of Design and started to fit into and win Chinese market afterwards. Over the past 20 years since establishment, BLVD always sticks to its pursuit of perfectionism and harmony, and endeavors to achieve excellent design works that can perfectly mix scene, emotion and artistic conception.

As the most excellent waterfront design expert and the advocator of the brand new mode of urban tourism resort, BLVD wins widespread reputation for its ability of creating distinctive “artistic conception”. The new operation mode – tourism resort planning centered on urban park pioneered by BLVD explores the memorable aspects of cities through unique design approach. The combination of solid and void scene carrying with it profound cultural meanings deeply enchant visitors. In addition, the business mode of solving fiscal investment through project operation initiated by BLVD can solve the issue of shortage of fund based on different cities conditions, while pursuing the beauty of artistic conception. Therefore, the projects are not only designed to achieve the space in which man and nature coexist harmoniously, but also to drive the common development of local culture, industry and economy. So far, the urban waterfront landscape projects made by BLVD can be found in more than 20 cities including Luzhou, Langzhong, Peng’an, Cangxi, Jintang, Suining, Guang’an, and Hongya and other cities alongside Yangtze River, Jialing River, Fu River, Qu River, Qiyi River and Ha River.

In view of the current waterfront scenery belts that focus on wetland construction, the lack of transition from inland to riverside vegetation has led to the emergence of strong traces of design belts along the river and lack of focus on landscape ecology, BLVD uses Forestry Landscape Design Strategy, ingeniously completing the transition zone design with primary forests, replanting forests, artificial plantations and characteristic landscape forests, perfectly realizing the conversion from native to artificial landscape.


Waterfront landscape belt planning in Hedong newly-developed area

Leisure Sports Area: Its location is close to the third bridge of the Northern part of Fu River.

The Suining Waterfront Landscape achieved a Five- Star rating by utilizing the vast water resource of Guanyin (Bodhisattva) lake.

Like music that soothes ones soul, the landscape features and elements on the new waterfront design create a serene atmosphere and established a sense of place.

Eco Experience Area: Its location is close to the third bridge of Fu River’s South Bank. It is also in close proximity to Suining’s Administrative Center. The design of a wetland park along the riverfront achieved a design that is ecologically unique and exquisite. Along this wetland park one can find the Eco Science and Technology Experience Center, Eco Plaza, Plant Expo Square, Eco Tea Room and other public facilities.

Fashion commercial area: A modern, dynamic and international fashion commercial area will be presented as the Image of Suining.

Located in the middle of the landscape belt and adjacent to the CBD in Hedong new city planning, the fashion commercial area boasts a grand waterscape plaza, a Buddha Tower, a fantastic waterfront view deck, a spectacular musical fountain and other landmark buildings.

What’s more, a special large-scale hotel, a mixed-use modern consumption complex that integrates shopping, leisure commerce, modern catering, and romantic bars, offers you a great opportunity to enjoy the fashion shopping spree.

Here you find that the unique advantage of mountain, water, city, and people coexisting and depending on each other. This character is fully utilized in our design to create a commercial area with an inviting exotic culture, to propose a new-type community and consumption trend.

Waterfront Park of Aiyi River, Yinchuan

Ecological Landscape

The existing natural matrix attains full respect. The flow line follows the continuity of natural landscape and stress on the utilization of natural landscape. The details design, guided by the concept of green and eco friendly, artfully attach the landscape structures such as materials, lighting, urban furniture etc. to nature in a simple, comfort and modern way to reveal an eco and natural atmosphere – a scientific way we attempt to use to solve the needs and conflicts between nature and human, thus establishing a new sustainable landscape structure.

Artistic Landscape

Artistic elevated walkways and view decking, strong structures, irregular terrace, clusters of gently waving reed and undulating ripple around… all natural elements form a fantastic ever-changing sequence. The integration of resources realizes an artistic enjoyment. The design, which is expected to create an ideal state of people centeredness, harmonious coexistence between human and nature, resonance of mind and environment, mental pleasure out of landscape, pursues to guide the city of its healthy and vibrant development and contribute to the enhancement and spread of the quality of the city.

Landscape of Local Culture

The planting principle is to maintain its local characteristics by keeping local reed/cattail, willow, rose willow and other plants. Non local plants such as Cedar and other evergreen plants will not be planted any more in order to recover the indigenous reed/cattail and form a relatively sound eco base. A pleasing and ecological plantscape is achieved with herbaceous plants and local arbor which embellish this thick vegetation base, generating a space for infinite contemplation.



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