Boffa Miskell and has been shaping New Zealand’s landscape since 1972 through an integrated design approach and a deeply ingrained culture for sustainability.
Our experience, enthusiasm and integrity underpin how we work to achieve successful outcomes for our clients, communities, and the wider environment in which they sit. Our processes evolve for each project, but fundamentally we Listen, Enquire, Create, Debate, Realise and Enjoy. Understanding is at the forefront or our approach. We begin by listening to what our clients need to achieve along with understanding the context of the place, people and processes we are working in. We believe intelligent design starts with an open mind and mutual respect. We thrive on being challenged and bring our diverse team together to debate, test and refine both the design and the communication required to realise the project. Enquiry and research inform our designs as they occur in a social, cultural, environmental, political and economic context. Our designs respond to constraints and challenges that allow for critical thought, inspiration and innovation to emerge. We are inspired to create opportunities that add value in the fullest sense be that social, cultural or financial. The value we create is real and appropriate for each place.

Our enthusiasm for our work drives us. We believe what we do, makes a real difference for our clients, the communities and environments in which we work. We believe our work should engender delight, connect people with place and ultimately, be sustainable. Boffa Miskell is 100% employee owned with offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Shanghai. We bring together a team of over 170 people in the fields of landscape architecture, urban design, landscape planning, planning, ecology, cultural services, technical and business services.

City Centre Shared Spaces, Auckland, NZ

In recent years’ policy and urban design strategy has shifted away from prioritising vehicles to focus on the creation of not only enjoyable, beautiful and safe streets, but also spaces that support business, residents and provide a wide variety of activities whilst contributing to a sustainable city centre. The transformation of the Shared Space Street included a comprehensive rethink of the entire street environment. The designs include both conventional and ‘shared space’ streetscapes, which are among the first in the country to be resolved as designated “Shared Zones”. Boffa Miskell led the consultant team for the design and delivery of the project which was delivered over two separate contracts in three stages. The project has seen significant transformation of the area with increases in both pedestrian and business activity. Post completion survey successes include; after the completion there was a 47% increase in consumer spending with a 429% increase in hospitality spending. A shift in positive perception of the area from 17% pre-construction to 91% post construction and a 54% increase in pedestrians and a 25% decrease in vehicles and 2 – 8km drop in average vehicle speeds. In 2011, the NZ Herald ranked Auckland Shared Spaces as No.1 in its Top 50 Best Things out Auckland. Boffa Miskell led the design and engineering team that pioneered the design innovation for this area’s transformation.

La Rosa Stream Daylighting

Stream day-lighting is the practice of bringing buried pipes to the surface and restoring natural streams in their place. Naturalised streams offer multiple benefits over pipes, including restored habitats, enhanced stormwater management, and a natural asset for the community to enjoy. In December 2010, the Mayor’s office chose La Rosa Reserve in Green Bay, West Auckland to be the “flagship” Mayoral stream day-lighting project. Two tributaries of the Avondale Stream were daylighted from their culverts for a combined 200m length. La Rosa showcased bioengineering techniques for stream restoration, and illustrated how a community can be reconnected with their local stream. Community and Iwi were active partners, embracing the project in early engagement, and involved through community artwork, planting design and installation, pa harakeke, and orchard design and installation. The local community have taken ownership of the project, with local schools, day-cares, and special needs facilities using the reserve as an outdoor classroom, and community groups undertaking fish surveys, planting, and ongoing care of the stream. The project was initiated and managed by the Auckland Council Stormwater Unit, with Boffa Miskell as Design Managers, working closely with EDC as engineering design consultants. HEB Construction undertook the physical works, and Auckland Council’s Sustainable Catchment team managed community engagement.


Boffa Miskell’s design proposal was selected as the winning entry in an invited design competition run by the New Zealand based Passchendaele Society to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. The design for the New Zealand memorial garden responds to three themes: remembrance through plant symbolism, remembrance through visual art and remembrance through literature. Each of these themes are celebrated as a discrete design element within the individual petals and are also used to span the whole poppy installation, as a way to unify the space as a single installation, exhibit and experience of commemoration. The plants chosen for the garden have been chosen carefully to embrace the idea of honouring the soldiers and respecting their sacrifice. The New Zealand memorial gardens will sit alongside seven other participating countries including Australia and the United Kingdom. Components will be constructed in New Zealand and shipped to Belgium with the completed the garden being ready before the 100th anniversary of Passchendaele in 2017.

Riverlink, Wellington

The Hutt River (Te Awa Kairangi) is one of the region’s greatest assets and greatest risks due to its flood risk. Riverlink is a key part of the flood protection infrastructure and Boffa Miskell are assisting three agencies (city and regional Council and transport agency) to integrate city urban design and transport improvements with the investment in flood protection.

Boffa Miskell’s role has been at the centre of shaping the Riverlink project working through the opportunities and objectives for the integrated project, using its expertise in urban planning and design. The flood protection work has provided the opportunity to revitalise the city centre and adjoining river space to create a ‘riverside city’ providing a promenade on top of the stopbank, with new residential and commercial development opening out to the river park.

In 2014, Boffa Miskell helped the project team through a process to consider multiple options for the river corridor, including climate change and economic influences. An engagement process was used to get feedback from the community and help politicians decide the optimum option. Work is continuing on this project and Boffa Miskell is continuing to coordinate the various design and engineering inputs to develop an integrated vision and concept design. The concept design phase is planned to proceed to consenting and designation process decisions in 2017.

St Patrick’s Square

St Patrick’s Square is a special place in Auckland’s city centre – home to St Patrick’s Cathedral and an urban oasis offering respite from the hustle and bustle of life in the city. This, combined with a significant CBD Streetscape Upgrade Programme gave Auckland Council the opportunity to significantly enhance the existing Square and complement the newly restored Cathedral. Boffa Miskell was engaged as lead design consultant under a Partnering Agreement with Auckland (City) Council and delivered the complete range of project services from Site Analysis to Contract Administration. Extensive engagement and consultation with local residents, businesses and users of the Square resulted in a clear set of overarching project objectives. These included: celebrate the Square’s heritage, religious and cultural significance and its relationship to the Cathedral; retain and enhance the Square as an ‘urban oasis’ where people can relax, meet and socialise; create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable day and night-time environment, and use high quality materials befitting the unique nature of the place.
Boffa Miskell worked collaboratively with two artists (Steve Woodward and Mary-Louise Brown) to create two distinctive artworks within the Square.


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