Bomontiada is an entertainment complex located in the courtyard of the historical Bomonti Beer Factory which was established in 1890. Between 1930-1950 the factory’s courtyard was transformed into “Bomonti Beer Garden.” The concept originated from the German “Biergarten” culture, and it became a place where people could dine, drink the freshly brewed beer, and entertain. The renovations started long after the factory and the garden were closed.

In early republican period, beside food/drink manufacturers, textile production also located in this area as well. During 50s-60s; with the industrial plan, migration has started and Bomonti became one of the industrial districts of Istanbul and with the 1 st Bosphorus Bridge, city expanded, and this neighborhood appeared in the city center of Istanbul. In 80’s Bomonti transformed in to a residential zone and with the decentralization of industry areas, factories became ware houses which were left abandoned afterwards. Bomonti Beer Factory was one of those orphan buildings where production rarely continued until 1990. Surrounding area was mostly consisted of attached apartment buildings without any green areas. Population consisted of minorities and age average was too high. In early 2000’s this neighborhood started to evolve to a tourism area and some 5star hotels and residences has been erected, thus upper-class business people preferred to live here, the need of urban spaces to socialize and relax showed itself as the community grew. In 2013, when we were called by the main contractor company İçtaş for to implement hardscape constructions in the courtyard of the Bomonti Brewery. When we entered to the site we found ourselves in the middle of a historical and cultural heritage. We completed the production of the hardscapes and made the courtyard ready for the guests of Bomonti Hilton Hotel. However, the enterprises to be built at that time were not yet certain and the courtyard stayed quiet for about two years with no use.

2 years later in 2015, we were invited to the area again for the construction of the landscape areas all over the open spaces; but now with another employer for enterprising and improving this area under the name “culture and entertainment center” in the name of Bomontiada. Now we had the responsibility of implementing all hard and soft landscape materials and garden illumination systems. This area was composed of 1200 sqm and we had to finish all the works within 45 days as there was an opening concert planned to be performed in the courtyard. Since this area was a historical heritage site, it was very difficult to get the permissions from official and local authorities to dig or built any kind of implementation. Logistics of trees and hardscape materials, carrying them inside of the courtyard were nearly impossible because any kind of crane was not able to enter the area. Within all difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles, we were supposed to finish the work within the limited time, as it was not possible to postpone concerts, events and openings; so, whatever it took, we had to prepare the implementations on time and without a hitch. As a result, despite all these challenging factors and with the support of the architectural group and our employer, we were able to create quick and practical solutions to all the problems we faced. We completed the project to spec and today we are happy and proud to have contributed to the revival of the renowned Bomonti Beer Garden, which hosts hundreds of people every day.

Hardscape materials were chosen from natural stones and massive woods and especially endemic plants were selected from Istanbul streets. Even it is not at the central district and in a security gated area in Bomonti neighborhood, hundreds (on weekends and event days – thousands) of people visit Bomontiada as a public realm and spend hours and enjoy the ambiance of good food, good music and the nature which is rarely found in Istanbul city center. Furthermore, the facility became an important tourist attraction point of the city.

The aim was to gather people and make Bomonti district alive again under the concept of a Beer Garden and a performance courtyard. Since the pre-opening in 2015 both the district has been enriched socially and environmentally and many cafes, restaurants, shops have been opened around and Bomonti became an entertainment and recreation hub of the city.



Entrant office name: IŞIK PEYZAJ
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Contractor, Landscape Project Management
Practices: Hardscape Works, Softscape Works, Automatic Irrigation System, Outdoor Furnitures, Metal Works, Outdoor Lighting Works, Maintenance Service.
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Sanal Arc , Arzu Nuhoglu
Project location (Street, City, Country): Şişli, İstanbul, TURKEY
Design year: 2014
Year Built: 2015


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