The landscape development concept of  Botanica housing estate has been designed to highlight the buildings’ architecture and to be of great benefit to the residents, already in the first years of its use. The composition of development elements is based on geometric shapes with integrated greenery.The designed greenery has a very natural character and the choice of species makes it attractive all year round.

The idea of running compositional lines was based on an analogy to a meandering river, which became one of the main design intents. Squares between the buildings, formed naturally by an integrated pedestrian communication system, have become meeting places for the residents. Each patio is saturated with attractions, such as bodies of water, various types of low and high greenery, footbridges over greenery or water, and seating areas available to all residents.

Due to a large number of backyard gardens, classic fence hedges have been replaced by a subtle buffer greenery that gently separates private and public spaces. Meanwhile, unconventional trellises overgrown with climbing plants have been used in areas with limited space.

A recreation lane has been designed in the southern part of the estate, with a leisure area, an outdoor gym and a playground in addition to a fitness building and playing fields.

The relaxation area is an intimate place, surrounded by greenery in various forms. The outer green belt consists of trees and ornamental shrubs, giving the space a comfortable and secluded character. An important element are designed grassy hills, onto which wooden deckchairs have been incorporated, as well as areas for hanging hammocks. An important part is also a wooden pavement combined with boulders and a water reservoir, which work incredibly well together to create a unique interior. The area is varied in height, with a section of the decking lowered 45 cm from the level of the footpaths, creating an intimate nook in this space.

The playground design is an out-of-the-box idea to encourage children’s use without the standard playground equipment. The entire playground is based on an obstacle course, which partly runs through tunnels hidden in the hills and partly on a wooden deck sloping at different angles. Wooden houses, varying in size and geometry, that can be walked through are located along the path. In one of the larger wooden houses, a barefoot path made of large pebbles has been designed.

The recreational belt of the housing estate has been connected with the inner patios by narrow paths integrated with greenery in pots, water bodies and specially designed pergolas.

Whole investment area is planed in a way that gathers all the water from pavement in to greenery. The amount of plants and trees makes in this area special microclimate very good for people and for small fauna. Water bodies lower the temperature in the summer so the recreational areas are very pleasant to use.

The character of the newly developed Botanica housing estate is reflected in the introduction of diverse and multi-species greenery. It gives this space unique character in a feeling of botanical garden/secret garden, but the one you can actually use.

Architecture offices involved in the design: MAARTE

Location: POLAND, GDAŃSK,  Bursztynowa street

Design year: 2019

Year Completed: 2019-2022


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