Box Studio was founded in 2014. The company is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a young and energetic creative team. It aims to explore the modern landscape with originality, artistry and sustainability. It is not only extends the western landscape style widely, but also integrates the traditional Chinese cultural landscape elements into the modern design details. Our concept is Make It Different, it is a deep excavation of the characteristics of modern urban life, exploring the gorgeous and creative transformation of modern practical landscape. We are good at observing and thinking about the details. Our dynamic and creative power comes from our love of landscape life and the pursuit of high-quality life.

Our team members love life, and enjoy the quality of life experience brought by landscape design. What we do is landscape customization service. We customize the best landscape product design concept, paying attention to the needs of different people. As the core person in charge of each product design, the chief designer leads the team to keep close communication with the owner, the builder and the constructor, pay attention to each design link of the product, communicate and adjust in time to ensure the final effect of the customized product. Our team has always been in an efficient working state. It is intended to adjust the orderly entry of products to ensure that there is enough time for thinking and more innovative attempts before customized services are launched. Even in the same design style, we will bring the owners a variety of sensory experiences.


Times Thriving City

“Fashion and art, practical and simple”

Times Thriving City, Located in central living area of Cha Shan, Dong guan City, is the first high-end residential of Cha Shan, The project still inherits the aesthetic genes of the era real estate products, delivering modern minimalist living style,‘less is more’, highly recognizable art symbols are expressed and it perfectly interprets the new pursuit of modern estate community in times property.
The display area streamlines from the parking lot, the sales center, the main entrance, to the swimming pool area. The design of return to nature, return point. Return to the body piece,truly integrate architecture, landscape and interior, create space flow sense, sense of quality and sense of belonging, interpretation of New Modernism living style.

The front square of the marketing center is an extension of the building and interior space to the landscape. The same materials are used to outline the lines and blocks. Feel the change of light and shade in the sunlight. broadness and brightness.

Black stones serve as “furniture “for the square living room. Humanized provide compound functional space, Seemingly random placement is just the right beauty.

In the white background, plant, light shadow, material, proportion of the exquisite embodiment and blend.

The pool area is all made up of white material, The clubhouse meets the courtyard and pool area. Mobile and Immobile, Make the experience line extremely flexible and interesting, Rich and pure, Create an intriguing spatial experience.

When the grass, water, and pavement merge, Create a rich texture and bring more exquisite visual experience. The design of the light shadow is just as good as the plants, the mottled shadows, concise outline, but demanding details, pure and elegant.


Sino-Ocean East Bay

01/ Site
The project is located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Guangdong, southwest of Zhucun Avenue, east of Fenggang Station, No. 21 Guangzhou Metro. The north side is Foxconn Technology Town, and the southeast side is a high-rise residential area. In the future, the Metro Line 21 Express Line will be opened, and the number of permanent residents will double.

Right in front of the site is the Expressway – Zhucun West Avenue. The impression here is that the noise of the construction site, the speed of passing large construction vehicles and the dusty road reveal the uneasiness and impatience from the faces of the fast-moving people.

We need to find the beauty of space in a specific environment, based on the poetic interpretation of the architectural field, and combined with the innovation of materials, to create a peaceful experience for the local people.

▼Peaceful Box
There were always a lot of problems in the early stage. The shed is adjacent to the experience center, the tower cranes occupy the background planting space, the municipal telecommunications box cannot move, the construction vehicles need to share the customer vehicle passages, etc… How to reduce the impact of the construction site on the experience center? How to present the best scenes in a limited venue? How to distribute the use at a limited cost? The BOX design team conducts repeated discussions and mutual fundraising proposals with the building and the interior.

02/ Design
The space uses the form of opening to ensure the external display, with clean body and linear as the main form of expression, and advocates the integration of architecture, landscape and interior. Achieve mutual consensus in “less, it is more”. The design elements are integrated into the building, landscape, and interior to create a positive space that blends and symbiosis.



O1/ Site
The project is located in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, covering an area of about 7000m², with a length of about 56m and a length of about 100m. The surrounding area is mainly composed of residential communities. The sidewalk around the project is seriously damaged. There is a viaduct under construction about 20 meters high on the south side of the site, which has a great impact on the view of the landscape.

The north side of the site is planned as a residential area. Two ancient camphor trees are currently in existence and may be transplanted in the future. At the beginning of the landscape design, I thought about the ancient trees. Can the two original large camphor trees on the north side be transplanted to the project site? In addition to creating comfortable under-forest space through big trees, the ancient trees are protected, the story of the ancient trees is continued, and new memories and imaginations are left for the city.

02/ Design
The project is the XUDC Vanke West Bund Display Area. Nanchang Vanke has been continuously exploring the “new Nanchang lifestyle”, and how our site can play a pioneer of urban renewal, giving everyone a bath in this cement forest and urban desert How does metal mesh?

The concept of landscape design was inspired by a couple of couplets in China. The concept of “walking in the spring breeze” was proposed. The story of the site was told by the ambassador of spring in Ziyan. Coming life situation.

The venue design is mainly based on the sense of nature and modern simplicity, incorporating the theme elements of the concept, aiming to create a space atmosphere experience that respects nature and returns to nature, giving the site a variety of scenarios and surprises.


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