The Busov Hill residential complex is located in a green area, surrounded with the grassy slopes of the city’s Botanical Garden. The back space of the courtyard is closed from the roadway with high and elegant retaining walls. The environment created by landscape architects emphasizes and looks advantageous in such a small area.

The lines of planting plants repeat the lines of the facade of the building. Different levels of landscaping add the effect of presence in a green labyrinth and help to dissolve retaining walls in the space. A large species and varietal diversity of both conifers and leafy plants makes it possible to develop landscape impressions that unfold in different ways depending on the season. Multi-colored tree crowns create an all-year round atmosphere in the complex. 

In spring and summer, deciduous trees will please you with blossom scents. In autumn, however, they will become a canvas for amazing pictures, creating bright accents in the most gloomy season. In autumn, the crown will “light up” with bright colors of maples, barberry, spirea.

Evergreen conifers are the “heart” of the garden. They please the eye at any time of the year, being a decoration of the yard and emphasizing its style even in snowy winter. Cereal grasses add lightness and serenity to clear forms of paving. All plants are selected for compositions according to ecological features, and, of course, based on aesthetic requirements

The use of several pavings helps to saturate the space with details, without overwhelming the space.

Location: Kyiv 01901, Ukraine, Buslivska Street, 12

Design year: 2020

Year Completed: 2021


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