At Canopy, we like to get a sense of fulfilment from our jobs. This happens when clients feel passionately about what they are trying to create. It is our job to listen, to turn ideas and visions into something real, contributing with the knowledge of all things landscape that we have learned through the years. That’s why our catchphrase is “creating exceptional spaces”. There are many layers of depth to landscape architecture. From creating the picturesque, the formal and functional through to enriching the ecology of the land and providing better connections. There is also aiding in interpretation of cultural landscape and creating memorable spaces that may become culturally significant. Our aim at Canopy is to add as much depth and meaning to the landscape and given the opportunity, that is what we will do.

Canopy is a team of highly experienced landscape architects and garden designers based in Nelson and Christchurch, New Zealand. We have a broad track record of designed and built work gained through extensive national and international experience. We are a vibrant company utilising the latest technologies to achieve the best result for all projects. Our wealth of experience in all stages of the design and construction process has given us the knowledge and expertise to take projects from conception to completion within budget and time constraints. We take a collaborative approach to design and work closely alongside our clients and design colleagues, with comprehensive internal critique to achieve the best possible design results.

Canopy is passionate about all scales of landscape design, offering landscape services in public, commercial and residential markets. We believe that great design should respect the existing context but provide something new, exciting and be a place that is memorable. We approach all our work afresh and we are actively looking for new and original ideas that guide our design direction. Canopy have a reputation for delivering clever and unique design outcomes. One of our key focuses when designing landscapes is to never lose touch with the surrounding context. Attention to cultural, biological and environmental considerations ensure that the spaces we create are exceptional and memorable. We find it important to always work with the environment rather than against it to achieve long standing, sustainable spaces that will last for years to come.

Canopy considers that a strong collaborative approach during the design process is an important to ensure the best possible design and build outcome area achieved. We believe every site has a story to tell and our objective is to bring the narrative of a place to life. Tapping into the collective wisdom of those that know the stories of a place best, gives us insight how an area functions, and an understanding of what is meaningful for locals. By engaging with users of a space during the design process will help to create a sense of ownership of the built work and help ensure the success of public space projects.


1 Whitehaven Winery

Whitehaven is a working winery located in the popular wine destination of Wairau Valley, Marlborough. The site has expansive views out to the northern Richmond Ranges which form a stunning backdrop to the site. Also near the site is the braided Wairau River: an important natural feature of the local landscape. The brief from Whitehaven was to create a multifaceted design that enhanced biodiversity, embraced local horticultural plant species and related to the Whitehaven brand and history. The simplicity and clarity of this striking design derives from a language based on the patterns of the viticultural landscape. These are echoed in the architectural form. The result is a design where the architectural patterns flow into the landscape creating a strong sense of place. The existing site mound along Pauls Road has been repurposed in to a strong arrival feature which responds to the angular architectural features. Linear rows of Podocarpus totara and linear gardens echo patterns the horticultural landscape in a contemporary response. The landscape spaces responded to the requirement for areas that could be used by the workers whilst also catering for larger events; through carefully crafted spaces that celebrated the contemporary architecture, site history, local plant vernacular and the Whitehaven brand. This project was recognised at the 2017 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architecture Pride of Place Awards where it was given the Award of Excellence in the Commercial Category.


2 Olive Estate

Canopy are the lead landscape masterplanners for an 8 ha lifestyle village in Richmond, New Zealand. The brief was for a lifestyle village set within a park like setting that was seamlessly integrated in to the wider commu­nity. Sound ecological principles, easy navigation and wayfinding, various housing typologies, commercial activities and a care facility were also key objectives. This staged development, taking 7 years to complete will include 112 residential villas, 3 apartment blocks and 30 town houses with a commercial and community precinct, and a care facility accommodating a rest home, dementia ward and hospital care. The design for the Olive Estate Lifestyle Village has been developed in response to three key factors, the ‘green’ and ‘blue’ networks and an acknowledgement of site history. The result is a comprehensive neighbourhood development of high amenity value. Quality lifestyle opportunities are provided through open space networks, walking paths, activity nodes and a commercial heart alongside an open park. The design takes advantage of the existing slope of the site, allowing views out towards Tasman Bay and the western ranges. Traffic calming measures have been introduced to a simple roading network to ensure safe and quiet streets. Pedestrian and cycle routes loop through the site linking the major public spaces. A feature riverbed connects the upper and lower parts of the site providing a strong environmental feature and encouraging movement through the site. A wide range of vegetation and tree species have been proposed to create the desired park like setting.


3 Falcon Brae Hotel

Falcon Brae is a luxury hotel located in the Motueka Valley. The hotel sits on a prominent elevated site that looks over the Motueka river and associated valley system. The concept for he project is very simple, to create a series of landscape opportunities around the hotel by buildings a series of linear walls that terrace down from the hotel site. The walls are constructed of local natural staple and will become an intergenerational symbol of the project. Reminiscent of castle buttresses the walls will serve as a foundations for proposed landscape rooms while binding the building to the hill. The landscape design explores a number of outdoor rooms that extend from the hotel. The intention is to draw visitors outside to experience the unique nature of the site. The surrounding landscape is.a pealed back design that reintroduces a palette of native species back to the site. The end result is a cloak of native new Zealand fauna that wraps around the building. Built materials are natural and simple. Hardwood details, natural stone and a range of concrete and gravel complete what is a simple but powerful landscape.



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