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A baby’s growth begins with exploring the the world.

This is an international Cooperation education project between Chengdu and Hamilton, New Zealand ,which is divided into Primary School and kindergarten. The
landscape and architectural designers adhere to the concept of “space is education”. Through the vertical and horizontal extension of space, the complete integration of architecture and landscape ,then form a vibrant organism space which is growing from the inside to outside. Designers create a wallless state of mind and learning ,inspiring students’ become more creative.

The design team hopes to create a foundation that integrates nature and architecture, and establishes a connection between school and environment, nature, and people, so that children can unconsciously explore the fun of nature, the beauty of the world, and the mysteries of the universe during their studies and play.

Space link

In addition to the most basic functional divisions, the design team use everywhere to create a richer venue functions to support the development of teaching and various play activities. By analyzing the rhythm and content of behaviors of students and teachers, designers find different rhythms of primary schools and kindergartens, and different needs for the scale and frequency of use of the venue. By analyzing the behavioral movements of students and teachers from the first moment to the last moment in canmpus, determined basic function settings outside the stadium.

In order to create more possibilities between different spaces,Designers chose a more fluid space generation mode. The bubble-like green space, the passages through the indoor to outdoor,the connecting between the overhead layer and outdoors, forming a flexible and rich roaming transportation system,makes walking becomes particularly interesting.The flow of space weakens the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, increases the capacity of the space, and allows children’s inherent curiosity and exploration to be released to a greater extent.

The green forest

This is a dream about forest. For children’s outdoor life to be more integrated with nature, the design team chose green as the basic color of the place. The color tone of the building restores the colorful childhood, and the landscape uses shades of green to get close to nature.

Expression of time

The installation at the gate of the campus is based on the concept of time and space.”Water droplets” have become the source of everything. The bottom of the pond abstractly expresses the microcosmic universe, and the space where the center spirals downward is like a black hole. The scale of time travels through space cycles.

In this installation, the abstract pointer at the bottom of the pool is like a clock, which accurately displays the time at the moment. The hour, minute, and second hands form different trigonometric functions at different points in time.

Affected by the wind, the dropping position of each drop of water is not fixed. It’s like reminding us that time is passing by little by little, and it will never come back again. We must cherish the present.

Color labyrinth

The stands next to the playground are directly opposite the flag-raising platform, and behind them are the sidewalks outside the school. The designer built a wall ,form a boundary with the space outside the school. The upper end of the wall extended into a curved ceiling.

Small round windows of various sizes and colors are embedded in this curved wall. When the sun rises every day, colored light spots are printed on the playground, forming a color labyrinth which is a magical three-dimensional space. As the height and orientation of the sun, this color labyrinth moves on the playground and presents different shadows and forms. Time is transformed into visible language.

For the city, we hope that it’s a small street art museum. When people walk on the sidewalk, seeing the tained glass windows below, listening to the children’s joyful running sound on the playground, it forms such a beautiful picture.And people also got funny when they pass through it. For the children, although they are still very young, they can also understand the meaning of time in the changes of light and shadow and discover the colorful world.

“children who grew up in this flexible and interesting space will definitely be very cheerful.”When design team heard people said ike this, we knew the meanling of the design.

Name of the project: Chengdu Hamilton Luxelakes Primary School/ Kindergarten
Architectural/Interior Design: Fusion Architects
Project location Tianjia Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province,China
Design year:2017
Year Built:2019


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