Chongqing Liangjiang People’s Primary School Landscape Renovation Design by

2023 Playgrounds and Schools / China / Built in 2021 /

“Every field of nature is wonderful.” Therefore, when we start to design, we try to find elements from nature and integrate them into the environment of school where children can get to know the world by feeling and touching. They can release their curiosity both in study and play, explore the fun of nature and pursue authenticity of childhood. 

The whole landscape renovation design is taking favorable education enlightenment and school’s spirit of curiosity, bravery, responsibility, glory as its objective and is aiming to create a happy full-time place. Village styled building and nature are in harmony, and they allow children themselves to choose the place and the way they like to study and live. 

We extract four elements of mountain, water, wind, light from nature concerning of Chongqing City’s characteristics, and create four theme courtyards according to their own natural shapes and textures which are visually presented and physically applied to children’s life. 

The four courts are relatively independent as well as mutually interactive to meet children’s need for greater space. 

The Valley of Light

Taking advantage of light, we create a variable space to enrich the interaction between people and nature. Firstly, we repeatedly use the light-circle element and carry it to its extremes, then we project characters and light on the floor in order to make people focus on them and create an immersive experience.

Inspired by the halo, we create the sinking space by this element. The interest and interaction brought by the sinking space make the whole place become three-dimensional and vivid.

The Valley of Wind

Children are searching, and they are talking from time to time. Thanks to the wind that has brought them so much fun.

The wind installation is decorated with so many pieces of gauzes which are dancing in the air when the wind touches them.

All these have provided children a chance to observe, touch and feel the wind.

The sunshine pours down from the gap of gauzes and forms an artistic light and shadow sequence. Wow, children can see the shape of wind. 

We lead the wind into the courtyard to create a landscape that is beyond the typical range of design. The whole space is rhythmed and close to nature, making people and place integrate into each other and creating a unique scenery. 

The Valley of Water

Stream’s talking and firs’ whispering make space tranquil and rhythmed. With a simple look, it reveals a feeling of tranquility and purity. 

Spiral stairs, streams and specific firs are interacting with each other, making children enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave this space. 

The Valley of Mountain

We would like to endow the place a particular feature, so we design a microtopography and a naturally shaped maze. 

In this miniature version of mountain city, children can pursue wizard in the mist valley and tramp over hill and dale in the interesting hills. Led by the whale, which stands for bravery and freedom, children are exploring possibilities everywhere.

The Greenhouse & Farm

At one corner of the school, we maintain a warm and quiet glass greenhouse.

There are no walls and shelters but flowers and sunshine. 

The light is casting down and projecting on books of children who are absorbing the nutrient of knowledge and enjoying the beautiful life in this cozy environment. 

At another other corner of the school, there are terraced panting filed and a water pond next to it. Water lily is blossoming and children are waiting and expecting little tadpoles become into frogs. 

Children plant vegetable and fruits, and they can appreciate flowers in the spring and harvest fruits in the summer. 

They do all the farm works by themselves and enjoy the time of sweating. It is a good experience and a way to make themselves become the self-sufficient master of their own lives. 

It is an immersive and experiential teaching and learning environment, a place to convey school spirit, a natural space for children to be themselves, and a dream school that has both artistic beauty and perceptibility. We have created infinite possibilities out of this limited space. And all these presented is the best gift that we can give to them, and let them strive to grow toward the sun at their most beautiful stage of childhood. 

Architect: GAD


Yubei District, Chongqing

Design year: 2020

Year Completed: 2021


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