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2023 Private Gardens / China / Built in 2022 /

We want to create a courtyard in the heart of the city on the riverbank, inherit the classical garden of Suzhou, introduce nature into life, and feel the harmony of all things. Return to the realm of Jing’an and feel the spirit of nature. The encounter between the twilight and the riverside, the desire to interpret the riverside, the exclusive courtyard of heaven and earth, the collision of time and flowers, the light and beauty. Hong Kong Landmark – Sky Lakeview, the city’s riverside art house, enjoys about one mu of private garden, and a courtyard will have a home. The project is located on the bank of Jialing River in Chongqing, facing the river, with a line of riverfront resources and the beautiful light of the riverbank, the villa group of Tianhuoyu, interpreting the ultimate riverside aspirations of Chongqing people.

The initial design is an in-depth analysis of the current situation of the site space, the yard around the building, the front yard and the back yard and the side yard, the front and back yards have a 3.4-meter height difference to make the space more three-dimensional, but also make the front and back site space cut; there are patios on both sides of the building, and the patio on the side of the building also destroys the integrity of the site; the building extends the space under the corridor to the back yard, increasing the site constraints. In addition, we started from the customer group, for what are the characteristics and functional needs of the customer group? The team conducted a detailed market research and analyzed different levels of villa products. We sought to explore the product highlights belonging to One Rivershire.

The ancient poetry in Chinese gardens often expresses the desire to follow nature, to perceive its values and perceptions, rather than simply describing the enjoyment of life. The art of Suzhou gardens is undoubtedly a model of gardens under the world, a perfect display of ancient wisdom and philosophy. Through the analysis of the traditional Chinese gardens in Suzhou, we have refined the design techniques and classic scenes of the Net Master Garden, Humble Administrator Garden and Liuyuan Garden as the entry point, while considering the unique meaning and feeling given to the space, we have combined the design form of Oriental mood and modern art techniques to make the interior and landscape harmoniously complement each other under the limited conditions. Thus, we create a living space that belongs to the high-end circle.

Integrate fragmented space, see the big in the small

Every space is designed with a hidden “small mind” to achieve the effect of moving from one place to another, and the all-weather thinking makes the courtyard have different ornamental effects in different seasons and different times. Each space is a perfect blend of ornamental and functional, so that the owner can achieve the vision of living well in the world of art.

Virtual and RealThe real is the actual existence of entities in the space, such as plants, buildings, etc.; the imaginary is the existence of entities other than the space, such as light, shadow, fragrance, etc. The technique of the imaginary and the real is to integrate these rich meanings into the physical environment of the moment, evoking people’s emotional experience of these contents so that the design has rich layers, and the transformation of space is the laying out of emotions, so that visitors have the space to experience the playfulness. A party of ripples A party of ritual order, under the light and shadow to welcome the water and return;Life has been seen in the square.

Hide and Show

The straightforwardness of the words, without a single word, is the best.

The implicit and obscure, the meaning is far away, the situation is deep.

Based on the natural landscape, the architectural environment is composed of winding water, staggered mountains, meandering paths, jagged rocks and strange caves, which brings together the natural scenery in one place, thus creating emotions through the scenery and expressing the will through the objects. A warm and exquisite resort atmosphere is created by the dynamic shadows of the trees and the turbulent water.

Sparse and dense

The layout of space is sparse and dense, through the sculpting of space, so that the picture produces a sense of fluidity, the simple concept of less is more, creating a pictorial mood, the white space is an extension of the solid scenery, even if it is a static picture can trigger the dynamic imagination of the audience, so that the picture produces a sense of ethereal movement.

In one side, one courtyard, one pavilion, one eye, one tree, one smoke and rain. The sunken space uses the revolving staircase as a frame, and although the picture is filled, the visual from near to far can make the picture produce a sense of fluidity of connection and realize the sense of space with linear perspective.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Chengdu Macro Landscape Design Co.

Location: Yubei District, Chongqing, China

Design year:2021

Year Completed:2022



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