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2024 Public Projects / Netherlands / Built in 2022 /


Before the renovation,the center of Waalwijk had an layout which did not match the historical situation. Which meant, for example, that the historical lantern was somewhat lost on the edge of a paved surface and the square in front of te Town Hall was spatially divided. There were even rumors to move the historic lantern, which was once the center of architecture.

Because two squares were merged and interrupted the main street, the space felt somewhat desolate. This is not favorable for the catering entrepreneurs on the square, who tried to shield their terraces with planters and screens.

The trees on the Market also had to be replaced due to root pressure and the municipality of Waalwijk wanted to make the center greener and provide it with effective water collection.


Burobol designed a lively city center for the municipality of Waalwijk, in which the two squares, the Raadhuisplein and the Markt, are brought back to the historic situation of two separated squares with their own ambience. The modest but carefully elaborated design of the Raadhuisplein emphasizes the historic architecture of architect Kropholler. The whole looks even better than during construction.

By restoring the historic structure, the lantern once again shines as the centerpiece of architect Kropholler’s architectural ensemble. Through carefully sawn radials in the baked paving stone paving, the lantern naturally becomes the focal point. A fountain, which is a big crowd-puller on hot days, is discreetly integrated into the pavement so that the architecture is emphasized.

Rainwater is stored underneath the pavement and available at any time for a variety of standard and multi-trunk planted trees. The Market is greened and strengthened as a square for terrace and lounging by applying tree benches with wooden seats, perennials and various trees with a high nectar value. The tree benches ensure a self-explanatory layout of the terraces, so that additional screens are not necessary. The trees provide shade and shelter.

Burobol used a residual product for the pavement; left over rubble stones from the production of granite products. The free fracture shape is laid in different hues in a leather texture inspired pattern. The leather industry is characteristic of Waalwijk.

“The great thing is that after the redesign, we receive wonderful reactions from entrepreneurs and event organizations. And that we ourselves actually see that it has turned out as we had hoped. That what we had in mind actually works. The fountain in particular is something we are very proud of. You can just see that people enjoy it immensely. And that is of course one of our goals with this redevelopment.” Says municipal project leader Martin Van Rossum about the new center.


Burobol designed the redesign together with specialists from the municipality and entrepreneurs. For this project Burobol designed custom made tree benches in close collaboration with Grijsen street furniture, the project-specific lighting is designed by Arjen vd Cruijsen and Elshout & van den Bont was the overall contractor.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Arjen vd Cruijsen (light)

Location: Grotestraat 210, Waalwijk

Design year: 2020-2021

Year Completed: 2022


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