The CROMA bench system with its exceptional, innovative form, that is both community-friendly and space-shaping, makes its environment instantly more more enjoyable and interesting. One of its great advantages results from the versatility of its construction. The diverse form constitutes small bays, that can be positioned in endless ways, enabling several groups of people to easily coexist. By this reason, the customised compositions provide an ideal place for even bigger groups looking to rest, have a conversation or enjoy a picnic and some sunbathing.

In urban public spaces, the extensive, required applicability justifies the usage of this particularly durable, resistant material, the fibre-reinforced High Performance Concrete (HPC). The contemporary concrete technology also gives way for the creation of ornamental patterns and fine surfaces, so that the implementation of concrete can become exceptionally humane. As all of our products, CROMA was born from a combination of the latest 3D modelling and prototyping technologies and the traditional, local craftsmanship that our company is based on.

It consists of five basic modules that can make up large, block-like, powerful and robust clusters. Due to the modular system, these massive clusters can be installed even in inaccessible areas. Every public space is different and all can be a challenge. Diverse locations and functions, social as well as the natural environments demand several kinds of approaches to the design of public spaces. The CROMA concrete bench system is aimed at tackling the battles of flexibility in space utilisation, providing countless options of application. Apart from its physical advantages, the CROMA concrete bench system as an object is suitable for dividing a space in a subtle, yet firm manner.

Manufacturer name: VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture
Designer: Renáta Paunoch, Péter István Varga
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2015


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