The Cteam Group has given its headquarters in the Ummendorf industrial area a sustainable green design. The centerpiece is a vertical climbing greenery for plants, 12 m high and 70 m long, across the entire south side of the building. In further steps, the former asphalt parking areas were unsealed and transformed into flower meadows. In addition, the outdoor facilities for employees were redesigned to create value and provided with various offerings such as stay, sports or outdoor workspace.

The climbing vegetation creates a better microclimate and serves mainly as summer heat protection. In front of the south facade, there is now an 842-square-meter vertical trellis planted with over 120 climbing plants. In the medium term, this will create a considerable biotope for insects and birds.

The entire area, including the adjacent parking lots, became greener and more sustainable. The management wanted more quality of stay for the employees. Therefore, in addition to further green spaces, an airy balcony on the upper floor level, a shaded outdoor seating area and a new forecourt with seating and a fountain have been realized. In total, 1,155 square meters of new green space have been created.

Other landscape architecture offices involved in the design of landscape:

Architecture offices involved in the design:

raderschallpartner ag landschaftsarchitekten, CH-Meilen

Project location: Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH

Im Stocken 6

88444 Ummendorf


Design year: 2020

Year Built: 2021


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