Comfortable as an embrace, Cuddly is an ergonomic single seat inspired by organic shapes and finished with bighting colors. Its concrete heart makes Cuddly a piece of street furniture which fits perfectly into indoor settings like luxury shopping areas, hotels or museums as well as in outdoor public spaces, gardens or large patios. The chromatism of the finishing, achieved by using the same paintings employed by the automotive industry, ensures a long pigmentation lifespan and lends all the pieces of street furniture an original gracefulness.

The combination of more of these sculptural armchairs can transform the space around into urban living lounges, offering a constant aesthetic appeal to the gardens or business parks, as well as making an exceptionally comfortable seating place.

Manufacturer name: BELLITALIA S.r.l.
Designer (if applicable): Matouŝ Holy
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2015


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