The former Kobelcenter-Süd barracks in Augsburg is being converted into a residential and commercial area. The concept of replanning and supplementing the open spaces of the quarter creates its own identity through the placement of sculptural “stars” and the large-scale planting of prairie plants. The “stars” and the planting are reminiscent of the long use of the site by the Americans and the associated cultural imprint.

ANNABAU based the overall concept for the outdoor areas on the motto “Stars & Stripes” and planned the stars as punctual “Folies” distributed across the site. The “Urban Star” is a seating, play and recreation sculpture made of colored concrete cubes, the “Desert Star” is a generational playground, the “Lumber Star” is a place to stay and play in a neighborhood park and the “Dark Star” serves as a habitat for jackdaws. Taken together, the stars function as sculptural works of art and meeting places that strengthen residents’ identification with the district.

The development plan provides for a green area in the north-western planning area, on which a jackdaw-tower is to be planned as a compensatory measure. The “Dark Star” is located in the northern planning area and takes on the function of the jackdaw-tower. The sculptural form of the floating wooden star forms a striking northern prelude to the planning area. The “Dark Star” gives the area, which is characterized by traffic and the barracks wall, its own character. The striking shape becomes a landmark in the open space. The life of the jackdaws in their habitat can be observed by visitors at an appropriate distance from the existing path in the open space. The wooden structure consists of supports up to 9 m high and horizontal timbers on which the nesting boxes are mounted. The height, dimensions and arrangement of the nesting boxes are based on species protection recommendations (BirdLife Austria, Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU)).

Location: Alfred-Nobel-Straße 9, 86156 Augsburg, Germany

Design year: 2017

Year Completed: 2021

ANNABAU Architektur und Landschaft
Location: Augsburg, Germany
Area: 1300 square meters
Commissioning: Open space phases 1-9
Completion: 2021
Client: Wohnbaugruppe Augsburg (Augsburg housing group)
Type of use: Creation of nesting opportunities for jackdaws as a compensatory measure,
identity-creating sculpture, urban landmark
Photos: Hanns Joosten, ANNABAU


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