Escofet presents Domus, a street furniture project by Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda with unique innovations made possible by its revolutionary UHPC concrete technology. This one-piece product is not just a bench. It also provides shelter from the rain, a cooler atmosphere in summer and light after dusk.

The Escofet catalogue now includes more than a hundred benches. There have been many more in the company’s long history, the result of a constant search for innovative forms and functions. Escofet knows it has to remain alert in order to stay on the cutting edge. When everything seems to have been invented, there is always another path waiting to be discovered that leads to new forms.

Twenty-five degrees in the shade is quite pleasant when the thermometer hits forty in the sun. A sun-soaked bench is impractical in many parts of the world. The material and the shape of Domus create a microclimate inside this shelter.

Dancing in the rain can bring a smile to our faces, but waiting for someone in the street when it’s pouring down or snowing can also bring on a nasty cold. Domus is a bench like many others, but unlike the rest, it has a roof, a great relief in many such situations.

A light in the dark can be useful to read while we’re waiting for someone, but above all it can make us feel safer if we have arranged to meet in a park or we are waiting for a bus on a country road. Domus includes this feature as an option.

Manufacturer name: Escofet 1886
Designer (if applicable): Ramón Úbeda & Otto Canalda
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2016


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