East Shore Contemporary Gardens

Garden / Texas / USA / Built in 2013 /

For this project, our approach worked to marry the colonial style of the home with the contemporary landscape requests of the homeowner in a way that was both cohesive and beautiful.

Our firm entered the project while the home was still under construction, which provided a blank canvas from the start. Originally, the front lawn sloped down to the street but we convinced the client to allow us to build a retaining wall to create a level (Zorro Zoysia) lawn. An Asian Jasmine border separates the sidewalk from the property, softening the transition between the home and the public space. We designed and installed this project in 2013. The homeowner knew the design (especially the backyard lawn) would require a skilled maintenance crew and hired us on after the installation was complete. Our design approach worked to marry the traditional architecture of the home with the contemporary desires of the client in a way that was both cohesive and beautiful. In our maintenance plan, we strive to ensure the landscape grows exactly as intended. We have also added minor enhancements thought the years, per the client’s request.

The boxwood clouds at the front steps offer an element of movement to juxtapose the formality of the surrounding plantings. Four boxwood globes mirror the columns and are surrounded by a bed of confederate jasmine, which give bloom each spring and create a loose, contrasted texture against the tightly pruned boxwoods. In the backyard, the pavilion was designed to mirror the style of the home. Double columns were designed to add weight and proportion to the overall scale of the structure. A smooth concrete fireplace was designed to compliment the brick wall behind. A muted grayish blue was selected to tie in with the feel of the concrete pads and the blue plaster color of the pool’s colored concrete cantilevered coping.

Boston Ivy covers the north wall of the garage. Each fall, the ivy defoliates, leaving behind a unique architectural display of intertwined, veining tendrils that give a sense of changing seasons. The concrete pad pattern creates a balance between hardscape and softscape while staying in line with the client’s desire for a contemporary space. Brick-lined garden beds tie the patio to the landscape. The combination of the River Birch, Boston Ivy and Sycamore Tree offer looser, less structured elements to the garden.

While beautiful, this property faces unique maintenance challenges, like caring for the Zorro Zoysia lawn joints in between the concrete stepping pads in the backyard. It has to be carefully cut with a hedge trimmer since the mower would chip the concrete. The homeowner has large dogs and urine spots are often being replaced with fresh turf. The boxwood clouds in the front have been hand-pruned to shape them into their intended design and two allées of Eagleston Hollies are maintained in identical jewel shapes on either side of the great front lawn. It has been a great joy to maintain a property we designed and see it develop into its intended design. We hope to continue to be a part of this property for many years to come!



Entrant office name: Moss Landscaping
Role of the entrant in the project: Design, Construction, Maintenance (we still maintain the property to this day)
Website: www.mosslandscaping.com
Project location (State or Country): United States, Texas, The Woodlands
Design year: 2013
Year Built: 2013


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