eLandscript Studio

eLandscript Studio, found by Xiaolu Tang & Qian Zhang in 2015, and opened offices in Hong Kong, Chongqing, and Shenzhen. Adhering to the code of practice of value innovation, keen working procedures and artisan spirit, the office will regard diversified urban life and space environment media as mission and responsibility. In the process of practice, partners continue to explore and achieve the common goal of “pursuing quality design in the process of scene experience”. The landscape practice scope includes Infrastructure Landscape, Resilient Landscape, Public Parks, Mixed-Use and High-end Residential Landscape.

Jiangshanyue Community Park

Good community always inspires the vision of life. Located at Zhaomushan West in Liang Jiang New Area, Chongqing, the 5.5 hectare’s Jiangshanyue Community Park is surrounded by residential blocks currently under construction. Compared with other ambitious real estate projects, the Lakefront Community Park was given a clear vision in the beginning – to explore how developer team operates a community park. The eLandscript Studio practices the transition from traditional landscape design to define creative media space design. The eLandscript Studio regards this project as opportunities not only to raise the property value of surrounding land parcels, but also to meet the needs of the young generations in the city.

Within the Jiangshanyue Community Park, the design cites three criteria to evaluate this public space: Visual Comfort, Space Experience and Sense of Participation. Indeed, the park is to enhance the daily life linkage and the community cohesion. The Lakefront Community Park represents that this is not just residential community, it is the ideal place for beautiful scenery and creating fascinating urban lifestyles. Both children and adults are able to learn and grow from the visiting experience. And we believe that the performance of the community public landscape therefore becomes full of power.

1891 Yangtze River Residential

The 12,000 square meter site unfolds in a narrow and linear way, eLandscript team illustrates the homecoming experience as a serene spiritual journey. The design is driven by the concept of allowing residents to enjoy “carving luxury”. With contemporary design telling the story of traditional crafting, the team drew inspiration from the oriental Zen and exotic elegance, selecting materials in the construction process with the spirit of the craftsman, and reshaping it into ambience of the hidden Shangri-La.

Through the concept, these specific shapes and materials, with the eyes of looking back, do not need to curry favor with the flashy aesthetic of traditional mansions, or deliberately fabricate a formal label. The project creates a flowing and real scenes and spiritual enjoyment in the life of modern wealthy class.

Longfor Tianchen Yuanzhu

The design intends to create a unique living experience and cultural intension, and reflects the self-confidence in the aesthetics of traditional culture. Inspired by the artistic conception and craftsmanship of the painting ‘Distant Mountain and Bright Clouds’, the landscape design emphasizes “expressing the spirit by borrowing things”, believing in “inert and innocence”. It applies this conception to different spatial sequences and experiences. When crafting the landscape, the design also draws on the representing skills in “Mi Fu Landscape”, which is naïve and do not pretend to be fun.

The design creates four scenes in the site boundary, corresponding to spatial experience of “arrival, entry, crossing, seating”, and also organically intersperse and connect with each other. It not only shape the space-time order of an Oriental garden, but also create an opportunity for meditation and enlightenment for the people walking within.

Dance of Time

Vanke Junyi Mansion is a boutique residence located in the newly developed area of Tianfu, Chengdu. In addition to the traditional residence landscape design, the eLandscript team tailored an art installation – “Dance of Time” for the project, in order to convey the beauty of living life.

The art installation, which is designed to reach nearly 10 meters high, connects the first-floor foyer with the first sunken waterscape atrium, connecting vertical space into a whole visually and functionally. The inspiration for the design comes from time and dance. The lines of time are born in water, winding upward, unfolding like dancing silk, and eventually solidified in the approachable space, expressing the pursuit of the ultimate power of aesthetics.

Whether seen from the entrance of the foyer space, or in the surrounding outdoor corridor, “Dance of Time” is the visual focal point. It is the transforming scenery of reality watched through the screen, grille, grandstand and window frame. Using space guidance and vision management, the art installation has become a multi-dimensional landmark during the homecoming journey. People will continue to appreciate it from different angles of the installation, which adds dramatic effects to the entrance.

Vanda City Park

Kunming, known as the “Spring City”, enjoys pleasant climate and sits on Dianchi Lake – the largest plateau lake in Yunnan province. The site is located in the north of Dianchi Lake, taking the geological advantage of Yunnan. The design is proposed to make collision among its unique natural resources, geographical advantages and trendy elements, cultural industry, so that it demonstrates a new kind of modern urban aesthetics enriched by the spirit of poetry and entertainment.

The site is designed into three-paragraph narrative, with the experience of the wide-open flowing lines, from the ‘place of rainbow’ that showcasing the scenery of Yunnan, to the ‘blue and green landscape’ that seems like a stone Forest painting roll, and finally arrived at the suddenly open landscape courtyard, enjoying the Dianchi lake rafting and Xishan Moon. Majority of the site is left blank, intending to convey a spirit of the site, a state of forgetting things and I, no self, and no name. These are also the expression in Zhuangzi “A Happy Excursion”.


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