The new extension for the elderly residence “Porthof” in Jona evokes the impression of being placed in a park. The u-shaped building surrounds a central courtyard which opens towards a parklike area in the southwest. All the public functions as well as all the building accesses can be reached through this courtyard. The path system connects the existing building with this new extension in a curved formal language and offers a significant variety of path options. They are organized in loops so that you can alwas find the way back to the starting point without getting lost. The park’s green spaces extend into the central courtyard and frame a terrace area with seating furniture. A characteristic linden tree accompanied by a fountain marks the square as the heart of the complex.

A pergola with climbing vegetation acts as a green curtain between the parking area and the park space. A band of dense shrubs lines the building along the ground floor rooms and the street facade of the cafeteria. Small paved outdoor seating in the middle of the shrubs offer the residents of the ground floor opportunities to stay in the countryside.

Along the perimeter boundary, the property is closed with extensive herbaceous and wild perennial planting which are mixed with individual groups of trees. Beyond the property line, the new playground will be positioned on the neighboring parcel in the west, directly next to the terrace of the cafeteria. 

Individual tree plantings with tall deciduous trees underline the park-like character of the open space. In the area of the playground and the cafeteria, they also provide generous shade. In the south, individual groups of multi-stemmed trees complement the proposed perennial planting and serve as a visual filter.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Clea Gross Architekten GmbH

Gret Loewensberg Architekten GmbH

Location: Rütiwiesstrasse 17, 8645 Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Design year:2015-2020

Competition 1st prize

Year Completed: 2021


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