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2023 Public Projects / Austria / Built in 2021 /

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In Aspern, the Urban Lakeside is growing and the Elinor Ostrom Park has been created! The concept for the park is made up of robust elements that aim to establish the new parking space for the Urban Lakeside and to be able to react flexibly to future developments.

A tree frame encloses the park

The park is enclosed by a continuous tree frame. It integrates the park as an independent space in the lakeside city. In addition to the parking area by the lake, the lake promenade, the ring road and the avenue, the tree frame establishes the park as a public space of overriding importance. Between the elevated railway and the adjacent residential areas, the frame is characterised by alternating rows of narrow, columnar trees.

In the shade of the tree frame, the “rain gardens” are located at the edge of the park, which can absorb the rainwater from the adjacent areas and the elevated railway. The areas, which are shaped as troughs, ensure sustainable use of the valuable resource.

In addition to the ecological demands, numerous park amenities find their place in the shade of the trees. Generous play areas invite use in the immediate vicinity of the park entrances. A slakline area in the direct vicinity of the school campus and various retreat areas (including a fragrance garden and reading garden) are further offers to park users.

An open clearing in the centre

The tree frame defines an open clearing in the park that provides a view of the surrounding urban spaces and the planned elevated railway. The density of the park’s edge is contrasted with the openness of the clearing. A finely meshed network of park paths connects the park space with the city.

The elevated railway as an urban utilisation mile

As the most urban element of the park, the focus is on the elevated railway. It forms the spatial backbone that connects all parts of the park. The space under the railway is kept in one colour and becomes a “green salon” with its very own charisma. Ceiling, wall and floor merge through the colour into a spatial unit on which the elevated railway seems to float.

Not only can the elevated railway and the accompanying maintenance paths contribute to the interconnectedness of the park, but it can also accommodate an attractive world of uses. The activities are lined up in a linear fashion. Various ball sports fields (including volleyball and streetball) in the Südpark are the prelude; these find their counterpart in the theme of the sports areas in the lighting space. The final part of the sequence of uses under the elevated railway in Südpark is a “motor skills park” with various movement offers. In between, there is always a wide variety of play and recreation facilities (elevated railway swings, handicraft tables, swings).

A characteristic feature of the facilities under the elevated railway is their modular structure. In the park itself, there are also further possibilities for expanding the facility. From the skate park to the slakline facility, the park elements developed as modules to enrich the park space are conceivable. The interplay of modular expansion and the simple spatial framework of tree frames, clearings and the utilisation mile under the elevated railway distinguishes the park. The Elinor Ostrom Park will grow with the city and its people and their changing needs and looks forward to any changes in the future.

Location: Ilse-Buck-Straße 23, 1220 Wien, Österreich

Design year: 2018-2019

Year Completed: 2021


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