Shortlisted in Private Gardens in 2021:

Feld und Meer by

Private Gardens / Private Gardens / Germany / Built in 2018 /

A modern, cubic building. the ground floor is completely open to the garden over 9m wide. We wanted a garden that was the other world. A different kind of experience and sensuality that makes the seasons readable over the year.


The garden is on an underground car park. We wanted to work with perennials and grasses that develop a strong vegetative dynamic throughout the year. This gradual movement over the year should be visible. We have therefore placed a rigid field of concrete steles at the side of the natural appearance and dynamism. The steles will rise in height towards the rear. Over the course of the year, the front steles initially disappear, until in autumn the vegetation makes the steles almost completely invisible. The tops of the steles are inclined at the angle at which the field rises backwards. A small but noticeable detail.

This other world is entered by crossing a threshold. A row of block steps marks the threshold (and at the same time ensures a little more substrate build-up). Then you walk on narrow boardwalks into the garden. You walk carefully, the boards give way and you can feel physically: Different laws apply here.

Other persons involved in the design of landscape: support plant planning:

Anja Maubach, Staudengärtnerei Arends, Wuppertal

Project Location: Bochum, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2018



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