The priority of the landscaped project is to establish continuity between the building and the rest of the campus of Saclay. Paths are extended to seamlessly connect the different exits towards the forest edge. Connections can also be made by extending certain environments. The event meadow is extended to include the western end of the Supélec building. The “Bois de la Guyonnerie” extends its influence to the heart of the building, in the central patio as well as inside the hall.

We note a typological similarity between the design of the exterior spaces of the building and the forms resulting from experiences studying the effects of forest fragmentation. We will therefore call the central patio the wood fragment. The regeneration islands are spaces created by a forestry strategy which consists in concentrating on a reduced surface all the forest layers, from high foliage to fungal macroflora. The result of this concentration is an enrichment of the local fauna and a positive radiation of productivity.
Today it’s a calm and restful place where the students decompress and meet around, creating the perfect conditions of serendipity so dear to the pedagogy of the Central Supelec school. This project is also interesting through its creation process. It’s the methodical observation of the context and the forest situations, then a very precise implementation of the composition which made it possible to lose this so natural aspect of which we forget all the artificiality.

Film from Severin Kuhn showing context and the building

Name of the project: forest fragment
Role of the entrant in the project:
Bassinet Turquin Paysage (Landscape designer_representative of the team)
Gigon Guyer Architekten and Groupe Synthèse (Architects of building)
Gally’s Garden (Gardner)
Project location: Paris-Saclay university, Gif-sur-Yvette city (91)_rue Joliot-Curie, Moulon district_France
Cost of the works: € 1,380 million excluding tax (excluding buildings)
Design year: 2014
Year Built: 2018
Area: 7000 m2
Mission: Complete mission
Client: Centrale Supélec School – Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France PPP

Cost of the works: € 1.1 million excluding tax (excluding buildings)


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