Garden at Lake Constance by

2023 Private Gardens / Germany / Built in 2021 /

Large-format slab paths lead into the courtyard garden. Four multi-stemmed and gnarled large olive trees give structure to the garden. An anthracite water mirror reflects the outlines of the foliage crowns, creating a calm and refreshing mood.

The drive to the underground car park consists of large-format floor slabs. Dry stone wall segments made of narrow natural stone slabs maintain the structure and show a variety in the use of materials.
An access driveway, which consists of vertically installed natural stone slabs, leads the driver to the parking space. From here you are led into the private garden area via a gate system that is not visible from the street.

The design along the west side of the house ranges from classic formal to modern. A clear sequence of garden spaces is bordered by evergreen shaped hedges and structured by a classic geometric arrangement of small-crowned deciduous trees. The combination with a modern pergola creates a classical romantic garden image.

The visual axis of the garden rooms is followed by a large pond. A slab path is laid slightly lowered into the pond and separates the regeneration complex from the swimming area. The stone path remains clearly visible to the observer even when lying slightly under water. The frame, which also represents the link in the garden landscape, is retained.

The shore area, designed with mountain rocks, creates the connection to a mountain range in the south of the property. The garden space adjacent to the side of the pond is designed according to the natural landscape. Elements of land art can also be found here, e.g. in the form of a wall meandering through the garden space, which is built in dry construction from regional natural stones.
The visual highlight of the pond design is a water terrace built exactly at the level of the water surface, which has an incomparable impact on the viewer. It is a place of contemplation and at the same time serves to divide the space.

The pool level extends into the rear garden area, where a semi-transparent, modern designed garden pavilion is situated. Three small-crowned deciduous trees with impressive autumn colours provide a frame to the plain which compared to the rest of the garden landscape lies on a higher level. The trees stand in a subtly lowered bed.

On the side of the higher lawn level and along the east side of the house there is a narrow, flatly planted sunken garden, which is atmospherically oriented towards Asian gardens. Filigree large shrubs, lush grasses, stone settings and a large garden bonsai in combination with amorphous plant waves create an Asian flair and provide well-being.

Location: Germany

Design year: 2018

Year Completed: 2021
Photo Credit: Moritz Hoffmann


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