Glamour of Nine Miles in Qingdao, Gemdale by

Residential Project / Residential Project / China / Built in 2018 /

This case is located in Qingdao, which is embraced on three sides by mountains. The challenge in the design is the biggish altitude difference of the area. What’s more, how to combine the great Fengshui and the care for the whole ages, at the same time injecting the natural view of famous mountains in Qingdao is also one of the design difficulties. Qingdao has been surrounded by the sea and shown the auspicious sign since ancient times. It was believed as the land of mountains of immortals overseas. Therefore, we extract the Tao theory that man is an integral part of nature into an inspiration of eternal life. It completely agrees with the core of this case, which is the ultimate living place with the whole ages living happily and comfortably.


We combine Chinese symmetrical sense of ritual, great sense of ceremony and order and the Tao feeling of the man and nature. We use the stripes of seawater and cliff as our design elements, which are usually seen on the Chinese ancient imperial robes and official robes. The stripes symbolize continuous fortune and long life span like the sea and the mountains. We use them to show Chinese new housing that cares for the whole ages. First of all, we divide the whole exhibition area into three parts: the front hall, backyard and the sample room. The front hall that has been built is divided into the exterior space, display space and axial entrance.

In the exterior space, we design the plants in a platform type to solve the problem of the vertical altitude difference of the area. The space is divided into two parts, which extends the ornamental line. At the east end, there is a spiritual fortress. It increases the identified degrees by combining to the constructing of plant space. In the display space, the plants in a platform type stretch through to the front end of the entrance of sales office. There is a waterscape, where there is a fountain in the center. The annular sculpture floats on the waterscape, which combines the shapes of butterfly and moon. The nameplate landscape walls with the stripes of seawater and cliff stand at the two sides. It has a strong impact visually. They conform to the design topic.

The axial entrance is designed with a water-fall waterscape, which is combined to the height of the steps. The entrance follows the axial space guide and inward landscape space. There are peaks and knolls layer upon layer in the center of waterscape. They symbolize continuous fortune and long life span like the sea and the mountains. They also follow the Tao idea about the man and nature. The design of entrance conforms to the rule of minimalism with the logic of balance, proportion, rhythm, dimension and so on and the artistic aesthetic feeling. The symmetry of entrance gives people the sense of solemnity and ceremony, containing the beauty of balance and grandeur. This is the cooperation with Gemdale and we explore a new Chinese style again. It brings a humanistic feeling to Qingdao housing market by combining northern local culture in the landscape and centering with the idea that the whole ages live happily and comfortably.

Team: Shengxie Wu, Zhiqiang Xu
Project location: Huangdao district, Qingdao city,China
Design year: 2018
Year Built: 2018


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