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2023 Public Projects / China / Built in 2023 /

The project aims to create a new open space linking the existing community park and the new Community Center in Huilongpu District, Shenzhen, China. It seeks to unify fragmented spaces along a newly constructed roadway, surrounded by a new residential development and the existing park. It addresses challenges like increased housing density and connections between the new development, community amenities, the park, and adjacent neighborhoods.

The new development, including a community center, retail spaces, and an ancestor’s hall, paired with a subway station and a well-known school district, anticipates attracting diverse residents, including more young adults and families to a neighborhood currently home to many seniors.
Despite the current separation of the park, the residential area, and the Community Center by a street, and issues like grade changes and irregular site interfaces, the design team is committed to creating a unified solution.

The team aims to foster connections by developing vibrant, continuous spaces with a central promenade and a green, sustainable streetscape, promoting community interaction and cohesion.

A Community Central Green Promenade Linking Programmatic Areas

The central promenade, the site’s backbone, connects the community center, residential areas, streetscape, and park. The spaces adjoining it correspond to the buildings’ forms, facilitating diverse community activities.

Characterized by tall canopy trees, lighting poles, and water fountains, the promenade features gray pavement strips for activities. Comfortable seating lines the edges, encouraging social interaction. The centrally located Gathering Plaza offers space for community events, linking the Cultural (Ancestor’s Hall) and Fitness Center with the street. Vigorous hackberry trees and large seatable planters at each corridor end provide inviting spaces to enjoy the summer breeze.

The promenade links core areas like the Cultural Living Room, Residential Entry Pocket, Gathering Plaza, Green Reading Room, and Fitness Court, accommodating different activities. The Cultural Living Room offers a smaller plaza for intimate events, while the Gathering Plaza hosts larger gatherings. Quiet spots are incorporated for individuals. Adjacent to the community center, the hidden Green Reading Room will house a bookstore and cafe, with amenities like a standing table and reading light.

Layered planting areas use various grasses and groundcovers to enrich the street’s texture. They collect rainwater as part of the green infrastructure. Educational sustainability signage is provided to raise environmental awareness.

Green and Safe Streetscape with Vibrant Streetlife

The streetscape design aims for a park-like ambiance, blending the central corridor with the existing park while emphasizing safety. The new roadway construction addresses the height difference between the park and the street, resulting in small, functional pocket spaces enhancing pedestrian experience. Elevated bike lanes and sidewalks, separated by trees and groundcover, ensure safety. Permeable materials define lanes and aid rainwater infiltration.

A rain garden with benches and paths extends the greenery from the corridor to the street. A metal channel and manual pump in the garden highlight the rainwater flow. A new park sign, terrace seating, and revamped tree planters and paving enhance the park entrance. The transformed “Play Pocket” offers a resting spot with a swing bench and balance equipment for children. Overall, the design creates a green, safe, and vibrant streetscape.

Completed in 2022, the project unites the park, community center, and amenities into a vibrant community hub. It’s become a popular gathering spot and preferred leisure area for residents. Events, including an outdoor movie night, attract families, kids, seniors, and pedestrians for various activities. The design’s focus on creating a green and safe environment with a vibrant street life has been realized, with the streetscape and promenade providing a seamless connection between the different areas of the site. The community now has a place to come together, fostering a sense of belonging and community pride.

Other landscape architecture offices involved in the design of landscape: OLC [Contractor], H&S Design [Landscape Construction Drawing]
Architecture offices involved in the design: Zhubo Design Co., Ltd [Architect]

Location: Intersection of Huilong Road and Longpu Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

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