Groundswell’s approach to place-making is 100% holistic and hands-on. Each project begins with inspiration, precedent study, and a conceptual plan, which serves as a guideline throughout. The process is entirely organic and unique in that each site evolves through adding and editing until just the right balance of hard and soft elements are established. The use of reclaimed materials and items makes each sourcing process unique as well, which is where much of the design aesthetic begins to fall into place.

Groundswell works to capture the spirit of a space by engaging local community members through workshops, group discussions and brainstorming sessions. From initial concept rounds, through development and curation, to final activation, Groundswell works collaboratively with local tastemakers, businesses, artisans and artists to bring an idea to life.

The Groundswell team is uniquely recognized for their ability to transform underutilized public spaces into vibrantly activated, and often revenue producing, social destinations. Projects range in scale from large public parks, to land art installations, to intimate gardens and cafes. The team moves from interior design to exterior landscape with ease, committed to creating a seamless connection between the two. Each project’s process is uniquely tailored to the site, client needs, and social influences; however, the goal is to consistently create a lifestyle and sense of place.

This multi dimensional team is not afraid to get their hands dirty; their “all hands on deck” approach enables them to gain a real feel for the space, its personality and intent. Groundswell’s goal is to capture the essence of the place, nurture it, and embellish it.













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