Hafengold – Living at the Harbour in Offenbach by

Residential Projects / Residential Projects / Germany / Built in 2018 /

The residential development of Hafengold overlooks the harbour in Offenbach and comprises of nine residential towers, arranged around a central open space. As landscape architect ClubL94 has created a sequence of public, semi public and private open spaces and reinforced the connection to the water.

Central Open Space ‘Quartiersmitte’

The network of pathways leads the user to a central space, which is used for community gathering as well as fire truck movement. The evergreen, box shaped planting areas and the orthogonal geometry of the architecture create a sense of harmony here. The custom-made long benches invite the passerby to sit and enjoy the sun. A row of raised planters and wooden decks mark the southern extent of the central space and highlight the entrances to the residential tower.
Community Gardens ‘Quartiersgärten’

The linear garden spaces between the southern towers not only serve as a place for retreat but also direct one to the waterfront. The lush green understory planting enables an uninterrupted visual connection to the harbour. The interface between community gardens and the waterfront has been emphasized by introducing viewing platforms or ‘balconies’, which offer a panoramic view of the Frankfurt skyline.

Private Gardens

The apartments at the ground floor are surrounded by private gardens. A ‘see of grasses’ clearly demarcates their boundary and provides required privacy.

In 2019 this project won German Landscape Architecture Prize under ‘residential design’ and ‘use of planting’ category.


Architecture offices involved in the design: Fischer Architekten GmbH

Project location: Hafeninsel 12-28, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Germany

Design year: 2012-2016

Year Built: 2018



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