For this birthday edition of the “Architectures Vives” Festival, which indeed has to be duly celebrated, we’ve imagined a short-lived arrangement yet able to entirely disappear without any rubbish being left behind afterwards. We suggest making a very special cake. It ‘ll be poured and set up on the ground and will surge there as an amazing presence. This strange pastry is to be made of ” Agar Agar “, a special nourishing jelly whose evanescent presence is used as a means of growth. Thousands of seeds will be sown and this sowed surface will be evolving as long as the festival lasts. Visitors will be able to watch the processes of germination and growth for as long as the festival lasts. On the final day, the cake will be cut and shared, not to be eaten of course, but for each slice to be carried away and sown at home where the seeds will finish growing and burst into flowers. Thus, the arrangement simply disappears into every one’s hands and everyone takes its own helping to make it grow somewhere else.


Entrant office name: Atelier Roberta
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Architect (general conception)
Project location (Street, City, Country): Montpellier, France
Design year: 2015
Year Built: 2015


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