Huzhou Majestic Mansion

Huzhou Majestic Mansion (湖州府) is located in Huzhou, an ancient Chinese city with a profound culture in the Zhejiang Province. It was once one of the centers of book-writing and book-making industries since the Song and Ming Dynasties. It also infamous Chinese calligraphy brushes manufacturing and silk production. The ancients said, rich land fostering more talent, which perfectly reflects the city of Huzhou since it has nurtured many outstanding scholars who has significantly influence the Chinese art and literature history.

Design Concept

Eco-friendly and innovative are the major requirements of this project. Our design was greatly inspired by the blessed natural environment around the site. Stretching from its westside river banks to the southwest mountain backs. We aim to build a harmonious relationship between man and nature by employing elements of Chinese calligraphy painting, together with the landscape outline of its river and mountains.

Elegance, Exquisite and Comfort are the key to our design concept. With an in depth cultural background studies, the three major local cultural elements of Huzhou : Huzhou Calligraphy Brush (湖筆) , Silk (絲綢), Bamboo (竹) , Renhuang Mountain (仁皇山) and Grand Canal (大運河) were selected to pair a Modern approach on an artistic scene. Chinese calligraphy painting imagery can be seen from many major scenes of the Sales Area landscape design. The sculptures, mountain pattern feature wall, white wave granite feature wall, Zen garden rockscape and many details are giving a sense of elegance and tranquillity.

Main Entrance

The sculpture named “Huzhou Brush Charm” (湖筆神韻) at the entrance was inspired by the movement of water and brush strokes. It represents the landscape design theme of “Huzhou Calligraphy Art (水墨湖州)”. The delicate shape of moving water reminds us of the sprinkle ink while using water to stroke out the “湖” character in Chinese cursive calligraphy style. It expresses the integration between lake, water and Huzhou calligraphy brushes.

Central Axis

At the center of the landscape central axis is a 300 square meters rectangular reflection pond. Huzhou is known as the city of silk. The strip lights decorating at the bottom of the pond are like silk ribbons floating in the water. The mirror pond creates different angles of the landscape and buildings on the formation of the vagaries of light and shadow.

Right in front of the long side of the reflection pond situates the set of stone sculptures. By imitating traditional Chinese calligraphy painting, the feature wall with layers of mountains imagery which evolved from one of the paintings of Zhao Mengfu (趙孟頫), a master of calligraphy and painting in the Song Dynasty. The feature wall design continues the view of the distant Renhuang Mountain (仁皇山) and creates an atmosphere of continuous silence and peace.

The overall layout of the reflection pond and mountain sculptures on the central axis together create a Jiangnan tradition building setting as “The door opens on a view of mountains, while Four Waters Return to the Hall” (開門見山,四水歸堂). It is also a symbol of an ancient longing of keeping the good fortune within the family.


As Huzhou is the hometown of the Song Dynasty Chinese calligraphy and painting master Zhao Mengfu. Majestic Mansion Sales Area has applied its layout of Zhao’s former residence, aims to carry on the unique charm of Mansion style in Huzhou.

Project location: Huzhou, China

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2018



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