The garden on the roof of the Jack House has its own special features and advantages – a heavenly isle, elevated to the top of a skyscraper, presenting a daunting view of the city. 

The roof gardens of urban buildings are made not only to please the eye, but to also purify urban polluted air. A garden on the roof of a skyscraper is a highly effective remedy for stresses that are inevitable in modern megacities and can bring dissonance into the life of any city dweller. 

The yard on the upper floors of the Jack house creates additional conditions for organizing a personal space for each future resident of our residential complex, where you can relax alone or with family and close friends. 

Jack Hose Garden has been designed by our architects to meet the diverse needs of residents. Indeed, now there are many types of relaxation, but even a regular visit to a restaurant can become unforgettable if there is a real garden nearby, overlooking the city, cool and fresh bringing harmony and peace.

The garden on the roof of the Jack House skyscraper was created to make the stay there as comfortable as possible, because plants enrich the surrounding air with oxygen, thus refreshing you from the inside. There are other, less obvious, but equally significant benefits of having a such a green space. It will provide additional thermal insulation, reduce the overheating in summer, and in winter it will not allow the heat to escape too fast. Due to this, as a rule, the costs of air conditioning and heating of residential premises in residential complexes arranged in this way are significantly reduced.

In addition, green spaces on the roof of the Jack House will generally lighten the level of urban noise. This effect will be very noticeable for the residents who will become the owners of apartments on the upper floors, as well as for all visitors to the Jack Club recreation area. 

The overall design is made for a comfortable and safe living, allowing you to be in the very center of city events, but at the same time enjoy all the benefits of a suburban green area without leaving the residential complex.

In conditions of high population density in modern large cities, every year there is less and less space for park areas, natural plantings are cut down in order to improve infrastructure, build new residential or office buildings. Meanwhile, in the already polluted air, a huge amount of exhaust gases are constantly emitted. Thus, the ecological situation in big cities is only getting worse year by year. 

What should a person do, who, by the nature of his employment, is forced to be in the city, if he dreams of such advantages of a country house as fresh transparent air and a garden with many trees?

Architecture offices involved in the design: Taryan Group (architecture)

Location: 01133 Kyiv, Ukraine, Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, 7-B

Design year: 2018

Year Completed: 2020


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