This project offered us the challenge of creating, in a 268 m2 space, a garden capable of bringing harmony amongst a hidden enclave between buildings. We have approached the challenge by using a combinación of organic design, handcrafted natural clay, stone and wicker, hidden mathematics and lush flora. The result is a fascinationing and beautiful garden known as Jardín de las Alianzas.

The close attention to detail allows the Garden to have an authentic and fluid symbiosis with its surroundings in the town of Uclés, located in Cuenca (Spain). An town that revolves around its Monastery, surrounded by wheat meadows and endless fields of mud embraced by the warm summer breeze and icy winter.

360º landscape design

We have paved our way by working cohesively, both on the architectural and landscape areas. We have renovated the façade, fountain and entry way peacock looking doorway by creating new forge ironwork. We embedded Milky Way patterned-lights  into the  paving and incorporated handwoven fibonnaci sequence shell-like wicker pergolas and arbors for the decking with integrated misting systems and domotic technology in order to create a unique and comfortable garden where its inhabitants can enjoy spending outdoor time sheltered from direct sunshine. This part of Spain sufres from extreme heat and the misting systems and pérgolas enable them to freely regulate it to avoid health problems leading to heat strokes.  As well as customizing an ultimate swimming pool. The bottom of the swimming pool is capable of emerging. Thus, creates accesibility for the different members of the family; elderly, disabled and young children. It is covered in mother-of-pearl tile and becomes a user-friendly pool where young children can play safely. Gardening, lightning, furniture and accessories have also been meticulously delt with.

Therefore, the design uses shell-liked shapes and mythological and animal silhouettes in order to create a subaquatic world full of beauty, expressed through the imagination of allegorical figures. Thus, the Garden has the capacity to transport the one who walks around it from its central vortex -Golden Point- to the border of the Universe, which is possible due to the relationship between the starry sky embedded in the clay soil and the Cosmos.

An Eden consecrated to love

Nevertheless, the main wager of this project was being able to recreate the owners’ dream; their true love story. Their aim was to enjoy the serenity, light and beauty of the Arts, Music and Nature, as well as the richness of the color and subtlety of their garden. This encouraged us to think of a unique oeuvre, creating a gorgeous compound, housing this delicate mixture between ancient and mythological love stories, such as Ulysses and Penelope’s eternal trusting love and the Castilian culture, harboring the order of the Knights of Santiago.Reason and emotion

Fine detail has been placed throughout this creation by using the Fibonacci sequence, which lies under the design of the paving stones, the heart-shaped details and shell-like pergolas. Likewise the Gamma Number, known by mathematicians as the Impossible Number, which has guided the design of the lighting embedded in the ground that represents a Via Lactaea. In addition, it embraces a fascinating traveling in situ experience via its murals, fountains, works of art, constellations and wicker weaves carried out in a combination of unique materials, lighting and flora which elevates the person to a state of delight, serenity and plenitude.

A locus amoenus to be lived and enjoyed

Despite its deep artistic character, the project never loses sight of all the features of a family garden, including a welcome area, a recreational yard, pathways to the different entryways, social, reading or relaxing gathering zones, a swimming pool, a deck, an art gallery, an all-immersive light and sound automation system, chilling areas…

Regarding the arboreal plant material, we have incorporated arboreal specimens of Trachycarpus fortunei and Olea sp; climbing specimens of Trachellospermum jasminoides and Clematis sp; as well as flowery and grassy species, like Hakonechloa sp, Carex sp, Erigeron sp, Geranium sp, Ipomoea sp, Coreopsis sp, Zantedeschia aetiopica, Ceanothus sp and Canna indica.

The Garden and its love story is embedded by an original story which is elevated through the opus and its outcome towards a pure universal love. It has also been transformed into a documentary ( to see, please click here and it will take you to a link that will then guide you to youtube: ) and a coin that has been placed in the Golden Point of the enclave. Both of these original creations crystallize the true essence of Jardín de las Alianzas.

Location: Ucles, Cuenca (Spain)

Design year: 2021

Year Completed: 2022


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