Jardines Centrales de Jojutla by

2024 Public Projects / Built in 2019 /

After the earthquake on September 19 the past 2017 that left remnants in different parts of the country, one of the most affected areas demanded the immediate implementation of projects. The restoration of the public space of the Garden, Plaza, Forum, and Kiosk was developed within the Partial Plan. Jojutla in Morelos, that was one of the worst damaged was involved in a process where local people could interact to be part of the rebuilt of the identity through the new project; Jardines Centrales de Jojutla.

The landscape becomes a symbol of resistance to changes from human and natural activity that the territory faces, aware that the natural landscape persists and remains, adapting and understanding resilience.

The concept was born when the trees were the elements that remain firm, they resisted and show the heritage to remember as parts of the historical plaza.

The project was divided in four main plazas. The first area would remain as a children’s play area, where the furniture could be versatile so that it could function as a game and at the same time as sculpture.

The second plaza would function like the civic plaza, every Mexican community demands an area for civic activities and this was designed with a perimeter of palms that delimited and at the same time adorned the plaza.

The third area was proposed as a plaza that combined a sunken forum and built elements that made reference to traditional construction systems in the area. The forum hosts countless public activities and becomes an area of appropriation for users.

The last plaza became a garden with vegetation that adapted to the climate and that allows the appreciation of the different annual seasons with the transformation of the vegetation. It is also in this garden where most of the trees and palm trees that resisted to the earthquake they continue to perpetuate the idea of being resilient and empowering the historical memory of the Jojutla center.

photographer: Dane Alonso

Architecture offices involved in the design: MMX

Location: C. Cuauhtémoc 106, Centro, 62900 Jojutla, Morelos Mexico

Design year: 2018

Year Completed: 2019


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